Democrats File Suit to Kick Bernie Off the Ballot

Bernie Sanders is scaring the socks off the Democrats. He is the most liberal Democrat that has ever walked through the Democratic halls at their party. His policies are so in-line with socialism that some are beginning to think that the socialist party is taking over the Democrats.

Sanders certainly is catching attention as he is beating all the other candidates running for the presidential election. Even the best that the Democrats have are falling short at beating Sanders.

The Democrats are notorious for going the courts to get what they want out of other people. This time they are headed to the courts with the hopes of getting old man Sanders off the Florida ballot before the March 17 party election. There are two scared Democrats who are filing the lawsuit. Frank back and George Brown are the ones hoping to stop Sanders in his tracks.

They have filed the suit claiming that Bernie Sander is not a Democrat. They maintain that he is rather an independent in politics. They want him removed because he is technically listed on the ballot as a Democrat when he should be listed as an independent.

The judge that is over the case is Karen Gievers. They all say that Florida is a closed primary state. Which keeps party affiliations from being mixed up. One cannot be an independent and be listed as a Democrat or as something else.

This is a big blow to the old man as 244,000 early votes have come in. The lawsuit would effectively void out any votes that Sanders may have received. This is either a problem with records or Sanders is knowingly running claiming two positions politically. He is an independent, but he is also running as a Democrat. No wonder he is getting so many votes. He has lied to the people, so they don’t know who they are voting for.

Sanders signed a document that stated in his own words that read “I am a member of the Democratic Party. I will run as a Democrat, accept the nomination of my Party, and I will serve as a Democrat if elected.”

Now that he is caught in a bald-faced lie his campaign is staying silent about the matter. This only proves that Sanders is a man that lies and has no intention of living up to his promises the way President Trump has been honest and delivered on his promises.

The Democrats in Florida are all saying that the issue is “ridiculous”, and Sanders is bellowing that it is “spurious.” But the lawsuit has credibility in that it is calling out a problem that neither side of the liberal camp wants to see. The devious Democrats would rather not admit that they have allowed another error unchallenged or dealt with. They are notorious for not acting on things promptly.

Nancy Pelosi took too much time in voting on the USMCA trade agreement. She sat on it so long that the other nations just about gave up. The president and all the other leaders had to push her to get off her backside and get to work.

The Democrats are a lazy group of freeloaders that are living off the success of other people. They are parasites attached to people that are making a difference like President Trump.

Sad Sanders may have been quiet about the issue but Juan Penalosa from the state Democratic Party has state that “The Florida Democratic Party executive committee voted unanimously to place Senator Sanders on the Florida ballot. Votes cast for the senator are valid and must be counted.”

The existing votes are going to be the deciding factor. If they are thrown out, then the Democrats have to swallow another failure on their part in front of their supporters.

The other problem that is facing the dumb Democrats is that the ballot they are producing has 16 different people up for election. Since they have printed the ballot, half of them have given up. The ballot is misleading just like the Democrats.