Democrats Maneuver to Get Bloomberg to Save Them from Bernie

Sen Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont is rising in the polls. Pundits of all political stripes are beginning to think that Bernie, a self-described “democratic socialist” has a chance to win the Democratic nomination.

At the same time, former Vice President Joe Biden, the allegedly “safe” and most electable candidate has started to falter. Clearly, it is time to choose someone different as the designated savior from the Bernie Apocalypse.

The boys and girls in the Democratic Party’s back rooms have hit upon none other than Mike Bloomberg, billionaire publisher and former mayor of New York, as the man who will stand athwart Bernie’s path to power and call a halt.

Thus far, Bloomberg has been pouring cash into Tv and internet ads and has been making appearances in some of the later primary states, shelling out more cash for staff to start a ground game.

Fox News explains how the Democratic National Committee is adding a little extra help by changing the rules about who can and who cannot attend a nationally televised debate. The change has caused no little fury among Bernie supporters and even other Democrats.

“But starting with the Nevada debate, which will be held in Las Vegas three days before the state’s caucuses, the DNC is dropping the individual contributor requirements. That could allow Bloomberg to finally qualify.

The multi-billionaire business and media mogul, who declared his candidacy just two months ago, has avoided fundraising and seeking out individual donors as he self-funds his White House bid.”

Hot Air notes that the Bernie Sanders campaign is complaining that this sudden rule change seems solely designed to give Bloomberg a boost at their guy’s expense. Indeed, some have expressed the suspicion that Bloomberg has gotten an entree into the debate the same way that he has gotten everything else, by buying it. He contributed a cool $350 thousand directly to the Democratic National Committee.

The Bernie people have seen this movie before. In 2016, the Democratic establishment executed some underhanded maneuvers to make sure that Hillary Clinton would be nominated that year, the idea being that she was the most electable.

Adding insult to injury, Clinton still suffered a loss at the hands of Donald Trump. Now the same people are plotting to cheat Bernie out of his due for much the same reason.

To be sure, the strategic reason for denying Bernie the nomination is a valid one. Few people think that a self-described socialist has any chance of winning the general election. However, the selection of Mike Bloomberg, the billionaire oligarch, could not have sent the Bernie bros into a great fury if the DNC had deliberately tried.

As Hot Air indicates, Michael Moore, the documentary filmmaker, and Bernie supporter erupted recently at a rally in Iowa. He observed that the DNC has not loosened the rules for Cory Booker or Julian Castro, an African American and a Hispanic respectively, but they will do so for Mike Bloomberg, whom Moore called the “Republican mayor of New York.”

The DNC is clearly in panic mode.

“There’s a chance that Bernie wins easily in Iowa and New Hampshire, with Biden underperforming dismally. If that happens the media will be ruthless in attacking Biden as a chronic underachiever in presidential contests, the guy who just can’t get it done. The stink of campaign death will be on him even though he’ll limp on to Nevada and South Carolina.”

Hence, Mike Bloomberg has been chosen in an attempt for an anybody but Bernie campaign. However, as Hot Air notes, the billionaire candidate is not going to get any support from the socialist wing of the Democratic Party regardless but especially because he will have gotten in by establishment cheating and his wallet. And forget his having any appeal in the Heartland.

Of course, everything becomes moot if Biden somehow pulls it out in Iowa and goes on to do well in New Hampshire, at least for the next round of gaffes. The DNC will have accomplished the double achievement of dividing the moderates between Biden and Bloomberg (and Buttigieg if he can hold on) and alienating the far left.

The Democrats, according to political observers, will be faced with the alternative of a Bernie candidacy that will scare everyone who is not a diehard socialist or a weakened moderate, with the Bernie bros staying home when they are not rioting and causing mischief. President Trump, in his wildest dreams, could not have conjured a better outcome.