Democrats Support Environmental Terrorism As They Continue To Support Over-Regulations

The liberals are shifting further to the left and are beginning to embrace dangerous ideologies that America has long fought against. The Founding Fathers wrote peace and safety into the Constitution because they wanted future generations to learn and know that there are peaceful ways to enact change in society. But, the Democrats hate peace and can take action against good things by participating in violence.

There is no topic more controversial and hotter for a liberal than that of the environment. They advocate that humans are killing the planet, and in a few short years, the world will end. It has been their theme for decades, and so far, they have been entirely wrong. And that is why the extremists are teaching that violence is the only course of action to stop the world’s destruction.

Progressives and the rest of the Democrats are guilty of secretly accepting terrorist methods to try to force people to comply with the ridiculous regulations and ideas of the environmentalist religious beliefs. The issue is so consuming for many of them that it governs their thinking and the way they act in public.

The acceptance of violence starts with creepy Biden deciding to pick a person to direct the Bureau of Land Management that supports environmental terrorism. Tracy Stone-Manning was involved in a terrorist plot to stop deforestation, and Stone-Manning was involved in the “tree-spiking” attack in the late 1980s.

The Daily Caller reported that “Tree spiking involves inserting metal or ceramic rods into tree trunks to prevent them from being cut down. The impact from a saw can make the saw explode, sending sharp metal flying. The practice can be deadly and lead to severe injuries.”

Biden’s choice for office was to hire a person that engages in terrorist activities. People use terrorism as a last resort to get what they want. They refuse to engage in peaceful debate and promotion to get what they want, so they pick up weapons and start killing people until leaders give them what they want.

Stone-Manning acts like a good Democrat and denies any involvement in the “tree spiking” terrorist attack. But, she certainly has ties to the Earth First group that told federal agents that people would get hurt if they did not get what they wanted for the environment. Stone-Manning even warned that loggers in Idaho’s Clearwater National Forest would be attacked if they did not stop cutting down trees.

During her interview for the position, she was asked if she had ties to or has even been the suspect in any investigation involving such terrorist actions. She denied involvement but was proved to be a liar when a federal investigator came out and proved that “Ms. Stone-Manning was extremely difficult to work with; in fact, she was the nastiest of the suspects. She was vulgar, antagonistic, and extremely anti-government.”

The New York Times would publish a story on Andreas Malm’s new book that tells people how to blow up pipelines. The story was released just days after Stone-Manning would be branded as a terrorist. The Democrats flood the media with intricately connected stories so people begin to believe that violence is the right course of action.

Joe Biden and his thugs want to make America like every other terrorist country in the world. They need people out in the field attacking and killing others.

Biden and his terrorist buddies resort to and adopt violent options because they are backed into a corner. They believe that there is no other recourse for them to take. But, they could not be more wrong. They have not tried the American way to peacefully protest and work hard to educate people on the truth. Instead, they would pull a gun and blow the opposition’s head off and, then, work through the challenges that lead to change.

The environmentalists have lost control of themselves and have turned into terrorist groups. They are revealing their true colors because they have an advocate in the White House who will be willing to let them attack without consequence.