Democrats Want to Make and Keep Murder Legal

Abortion may be safe and legal but that does not make it the right course of action. Abortion is a fancy word for the murdering of a baby. The anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade trial is not a celebration of victory.

It marks a tragic start to a very dark time in the history of the United States. Millions of little children have lost their lives because of the selfish nature of the Democrats and the people that they tricked into killing their little baby.

Democrats parade themselves around like pompous fools celebrating the right to kill a baby. For the past 47 years, pro-life people have fought for those that cannot yet speak for themselves.

They have advocated other options than the murder of the child. But people like Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Lee, Patty Murray, and many other Democrats continue to push for the legalization of killing babies. And when that is not enough they will come after the sick and elderly.

Murderous people always want more. They always want to push their sick and pernicious ways on people. Pelosi heralded regarding the case that took place 47 years ago “For 47 years, the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade has stood as the law of the land, ensuring that a woman’s reproductive health decisions are her own – in consultation with her family, her physician, and her faith.” Nowhere in her sick speech is there ever mention of the right of the child. It is as they do not have a choice.

The Democrats and loony liberals believe that a child is not human until it is self-aware. They draw a steep line so that they can ease their sinful conscience into believing that they have not ended another life. But the truth remains that they have. And they have ended the lives of millions of Americans before they ever got started.

Nancy Pelosi puts swelling words behind her murderous intent. She would rather murder a baby in cold blood rather than care for the child. She pushes for the destruction of children to be legal in every form and with no opposition. She is the perfect example of a mass-murderer in the world today. She has declared war on the baby’s right to live.

The right to live is fundamental in every aspect of life. No person has the right to end another life just because they can. Liberals have to redefine life to make their murderous actions legal. But just because something is legal does not make it right. For all practical purposes, perky Pelosi might as well believe that theft is fine just because it can be made legal.

Pushy Pelosi also made the statement against those that are fighting for the baby’s right to live “Women’s freedom of choice is currently under unprecedented threat from this Administration, and from Republicans in Congress and in state capitols across the country who are determined to insert themselves into women’s private health care decisions. For millions of women and their families, this relentless GOP assault continues to jeopardize their future and threatens to undo decades of progress towards women’s equality.”

Nowhere in her statement is there ever a plea for the baby. Nowhere is there a call for choices like adoption. She simply calls on others to support her right to kill. The president and the Republicans do stand in their way to total domination over the babies. The president has put in place the “Gag Rule” that keeps federal money from the abortion fanatics.

Pelosi is pushing what she calls “reproductive right.” Abortion is anything but reproductive. It is the legalization of murder.

But defenders of the small baby’s like the Senator from Nebraska stated “We’re a part of a movement of hope that is growing, but we have a lot more work to do… through praying, loving our neighbors, passing legislation, and confirming good constitutionalists to the courts we’ll keep making progress. I’m honored to receive an A rating from one of the most respected pro-life organizations in our nation.