Dems Allow Sex Offenders in So States Can Clean Up the Messes

The Biden administration has created a giant mess. The southern border might as well be wide open with the number of illegal migrants they’re allowing into the United States on a monthly basis.

Thousands enter every single week without being tested for COVID and without even being background checked. As a result, we’re infecting our country with the coronavirus as well as a significant amount of crime.

Now, the bleeding-heart liberals would love to cry and complain that everyone should get a chance to become an American citizen. They don’t. Not even close, especially if they’ve already been in the United States and broken laws…you know, like abducting and raping children.

A previously deported Mexican national is sitting in a jail in Tennessee awaiting charges that relate to allegedly raping a child.

Let’s be clear here. This man was already deported. Yet, because of the weak border controls in place from the Biden administration, he was able to enter the country AGAIN and commit a heinous act.

And this is something that could have been completely prevented if the Biden administration would lock the borders down again. Perhaps even build a wall…

Pedro Ambriz was arrested in Gallatin, Tennessee for allegedly raping an underage girl. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) officers have reportedly deported this man on at least two separate occasions.

Clearly, being deported isn’t phasing this man. And, thanks to the “Immigrant First” approach of President Biden, we’re allowing criminals to come in. We’re putting Americans at risk just so that the bleeding hearts can sleep better at night.

Ambriz has been operating on a number of aliases and dates of birth in order to hide his identity. He’s being considered a flight risk, so Gallatin Police Lt. Lamar Ballard is working to prioritize keeping him behind bars. Ballard told reporters that, “Yes, if this individual flees, and we have charges, or we are able to gather more charges, and he is in Mexico that makes it very difficult for us.”

At the moment, there’s a bond set for $225,000. And while he is behind bars in Sumner County jail, he could be released if someone’s willing to pay the bail money.

Ballard wants to make sure that Ambriz pays for his crime. He’s been charged in the past with drugs and domestic assault. One of the reasons he was deported in the past was due to an allegation of molesting a child – and he’s done it again.

Unfortunately, there are stories all over the country similar to what happened in Tennessee. The border is letting in anyone and everyone without bothering to see if they’ve been deported in the past. Each time they let someone in without researching them, the Biden administration is putting Americans at risk.

What’s worse is that Biden’s catch and release program is spreading the problem across the entire United States. Since the location of where the immigrants are being released to is never disclosed to the public, Americans don’t learn about it until after an immigrant has committed a crime.

The devastating part of this entire story is that each and every attack on an American is 100% preventable. Former President Donald Trump had legislation in place that protected the borders and prevented such individuals from entering the country again and again. Yet, in one day, Biden destroyed it all and put every American at risk just so that he could play hero to those who want to escape Mexico and Central America in search of “a better life.”