Dems Attack Each Other After Epic House and Senate Fails

Biden is supposedly on the verge of taking home the presidency. You have probably noticed that the Democrats are not exactly celebrating all that much. Why is this? They have been whining about President Trump for the past four years. That’s because the GOP is very likely to retain control of the Senate.

Get ready for another four years of excuses if Biden is able to take it home. They are going to tell everyone that they could not get anything done because the Senate was not in their favor. That’s the same stuff that they pulled during the Obama administration. Biden has already had eight years of practice when it comes to telling people that they are actually to expect real change.

To make matters worse, no significant changes are being made to the House. The Democrats are losing ground there, too. The blame is already flying in every possible direction. They do not do well with defeat and we all know this. Politico has the scoop on this matter and we cannot wait to see how things unfold.

“In the House, bleary-eyed Democrats were still sorting out the wreckage when they awoke Wednesday with dozens of their members’ races still uncalled and not a single GOP incumbent ousted — an outcome that virtually no one in the party had predicted in a year in which Democrats were going on the offense deep in Trump country.

Even with tens of thousands of ballots still to be counted, shell-shocked Democratic lawmakers, strategists, and aides privately began trying to pin the blame: The unreliable polls. The GOP’s law-and-order message amid a summer of unrest. The “hidden Trump voters.” The impeachment hangover. The lack of a coronavirus stimulus deal” reads the Politico report.

If this was all, that would be scary enough for all parties involved. The Politico reveal did not end there, though. “Some corners of the party were also beginning to question the message and tactics at the top, with several Democrats predicting — and some even demanding — a significant overhaul within the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, including possibly, even ousting chairwoman Cheri Bustos, whose Illinois race has yet to be called,” they continued.

“Republicans added 11 new female members to the House of Representatives last night. I feel like this should be, ya know, newsworthy,” said Dan Isset. We could not agree more. The Democrats love to tout their diversity but when the GOP keeps pace with their progressiveness? They are not as quick to speak up about it.

The GOP could reclaim a House majority as well. The Democrats may have focused too much of their energy on the big seat, at the expense of the rest of their plans. If the current numbers are able to hold, the GOP reclaims the House majority by one seat. Our fingers are crossed, that is for sure. This is an outcome that is going to be more pleasing to conservatives than they expected.

Anyone who thought that the Democrats were going to enjoy a clean sweep this time around has not been paying close enough attention. Those who consume mainstream media all day may have felt this way. The rest of us were not going to be so easy to fool. The liberals were all about the presidential vote and they ignored all of the other races. They did so at their own peril but it was more important to preen on social media than to truly inform their ranks.

This is what happens when an entire campaign is focused on how bad one person is supposed to be. Sure, you may have convinced people that the orange man is a terrible person but IF Biden wins, now what? You won’t be able to pass any of the far-left legislation that he promised. It won’t be long before the liberals are ready to toss his sleepy butt out of the White House for being a flip-flopper.