DeSantis Tells All To Stand Their Ground and Stop Being Bullied by the Democrats

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The mass media and the demonic Democrats love to take their jabs at Ron DeSantis. The Floridian governor has made it clear that he will not let the liberals overrun the Sunshine State with their pandemic-related nonsense and lies. Joe Biden has tried vehemently to take control and take autonomous powers away from each state. But men like DeSantis are doing their jobs and telling the president that they will not stand for a federal takeover.

DeSantis’s position draws a lot of scrutiny and attacks from Democrats that would love to make an example out of him. Mark Levin is a Fox News host. He was pointing out that people who stand up for the Constitution and people’s rights will make waves with the liberals.

DeSantis pointed out that “If you stand your ground, if you lead, if you don’t back down and just stand for the right things, there’s a groundswell of folks who will have your back.” And what he is pointing out is that no one is alone to fight the battles. Some people will stand with them and take the fight to the liberals.

Levin also tried to point out that there are liberal governors who are not getting the attention that DeSantis does because they sit quietly and let the federal government roll all over them. He also pointed out that governors who are not making a difference are not a threat to the media, let alone the Democratic Party. So, the ones making the waves are going to get the attention.

DeSantis brought things back to earth. Levin was making a statement, and the Floridian governor brought it into perspective. DeSantis noted that “Look, when you’re over the target, they’re gonna come at you. But what I view it as, I view it as positive feedback. If the corporate press nationally isn’t attacking me, then I’m probably not doing my job. So the fact that they are attacking me is a good indication that you know what? I’m tackling the big issues. We’re going after Critical Race Theory; we’re fighting back against Biden’s mandates; we’re fighting back against the illegal immigration, all those things that a vast majority of Floridians and Americans want to see done.”

The point DeSantis is making is that people who stand up to the liberal bully will get them to back down. Bullies love to force people to do things that they know are wrong. But once one stands up to them, they will quickly run and hide.

The Democrats may act tough, but the moment someone stands up to them, they are quick to naturally back and avoid the heat. They cannot stand to face the music their actions bring at them. That is one reason why so many of them attack back at first, but they run once the truth comes out.

The Democrats took every part of the pandemic and made it a political nightmare. On the one hand, the Democrats try and support every person and state, and yet on the other hand, they withhold much-needed money and materials from states that would stand against the regime sitting in Washington. DeSantis had to fight to get Floridians’ monoclonal antibody treatment option because Biden was holding it back for political motives.

DeSantis’s approach throughout the pandemic is to keep people free and let them make up their minds regarding how to keep themselves healthy. Biden’s approach is to tell the people what they will do and how to do it. The problem with his approach is that not every person is the same. What works for one person will not work for another.

The Democrats still want to push forced vaccinations and claim that the shot will keep people healthy. But the truth is that the new variants are resistant to the vaccine, so there is no reason to keep pushing it on people. There have been those who have gotten the vaccine and boosters only to come down with the virus.