DeSantis Urges Cuban Military to Do What Is Right and Overthrow the Evil Dictator

The world is watching how the events in Cuba will unfold. They will either find their freedom or continue to suffer under the regime supported by Democratic Party. The liberals do not represent the majority of Americans. Republicans want a free Cuba because it would mean the United States would have a strong ally and a new trade partner. But most of all, people would be free.

Ron DeSantis has long supported the Cuban people. Where Joe Biden fails, the Floridian governor excels. Biden has yet to support the island people with more than just words. He has not once called the dictator to back off or even allowed one refugee to enter America. And the reason why he cannot support the Cuban people is that they would support the Republican Party.

Supporting the Cuban people is more than a political move. It is just the right thing to do for all humankind. No one should be forced to live in hostile conditions simply because one man cannot let people be free.

DeSantis has called on the Cuban military to support the people. It is time for the people to stand up with the support of their military and overthrow the man that has murdered them for decades. There is a real opportunity for the people to find freedom and have lasting peace.

The young military leaders are in an excellent position to remake Cuba into a free country. All they need to do is step up and do what is right. DeSantis made these remarks when he was asked by a reporter, “Here in Miami, we’re hearing a lot of calls for intervention [inaudible]. One, do you support this call to action and two, do you expect that once you get the internet and videos out, people will see what’s happening and then would be more supportive for an intervention?”

DeSantis saw his moment and responded with words that will echo around the world. He stated, “The best role for military — the Cuban military — is to realize that time’s up, that you can’t keep doing the bidding of a repressive dictatorship that is not governing with the consent of the governed. And so clearly this is a dictatorship that is lost. Not that they ever had it, but clearly they don’t have the consent of the governed now.”

The Cuban people have a chance to finally get rid of the lousy government that they have lived with for the past several decades. They can rebuild the island into the tropical paradise that it is meant to be. But only if the military stands up and expels their current leader. The people would be more prosperous and livelier than ever before.

They would not stand alone as they would have Republican support from American leaders that would help them forge a future for the people. But the current military needs to step up and take over so freedom has a chance to flourish.

DeSantis noted that for the military commanders to step up would-be history in the making. He said, “You can play an instrumental role in founding a free Cuba, refounding the country and a free Republic. And that will be something that will help millions of people. And that will somehow be something that will cause you to live in the history books.”

They would be the generation that kicked communist oppression to the trash bin where it belongs. But according to DeSantis, the leaders need to stand with the people. They need to decide once and for all that they want to live free instead of under the iron thumb of a selfish man willing to kill anyone that stands in his way as a dictator.

For the past 62-years, the Cuban people have lived under the oppressive communist system. Their leader has cut off their power and internet access to quiet their voice. All because he does not want them telling the truth behind the façade that he has built around himself.

The Democrats cannot support the people because they love what the dictator has. They desire to bring communism to America. They hate that the Cuban people have revolted because it exposes the liberals as being as bad as the murderous dictator of Cuba.