Did Hunter Biden Commit a Felony? Probably…

It’s been a few months since we’ve heard about Hunter Biden. He hasn’t knocked up any new strippers in DC nor has he been making deals with Communist countries. He has apparently been trying to figure out how he can capitalize on his father being the president.

While he figures it out, news has surfaced about the possibility of a felon that the president’s son may have committed back in 2018.

As Democrats try to stop guns from being purchased, Hunter Biden hushes them all. He’ll buy a gun when he wants, where he wants.

He purchased a gun and lied about his history of drug use on the form used to obtain the gun.

The unusual story involves not only Hunter Biden but also Hallie – his brother’s widow who he dated briefly.

The full situation is still being uncovered, but Hallie apparently tossed a gun that belonged to Hunter into a dumpster behind a grocery store – and then that gun disappeared.

Oh, boy. Hunter Biden is always guaranteed to bring the drama.

The Secret Service went to the gun store to ask for the sale paperwork. The gun store’s owner refused because he suspected that the Secret Service wanted to hide Biden’s ownership of the gun in case it was involved in a crime.

Eventually, Ron Palmieri, the gun store’s owner, turned the paperwork to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives – the department responsible for overseeing federal gun laws.

According to the Secret Service, they have no record of agents investigating the incident. Since Joe Biden was not under protection in 2018, a spokesperson says that there’s no knowledge of involvement.


The gun that supposedly went missing was returned by a man who is a regular of rummaging through the trash behind the grocery store.

It wasn’t long before reporters were able to get their hands on a copy of the Firearms Transaction record along with the receipt.

One question reads: “Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?”

Anyone who has read anything about Hunter Biden knows that he should have checked the “yes” box. He’s had a long history of addiction, and it is also what had him discharged from the Navy Reserve.

The problem is that Hunter Biden checked “no.”

He lied on the form, which is a felony. He obtained the gun illegally because of providing knowingly false statements on the report.

What makes the situation is worse is that he threw the gun he purchased into a dumpster – only to be found by an old man days later.

As someone who was in the Navy Reserve and who has had a father involved in politics for decades, this is not an acceptable way to handle a firearm.

Once purchased, a firearm has to be disposed of properly.

Now, how does all of this look for Joe Biden? Joe is now the president. He’s a Democrat, and there are a lot of Democrats in Congress fighting for gun control measures.

One of the reasons they’re fighting for gun control is because of what the president’s own son has done: bought a gun by lying and, then, disposing of that gun.

Things could have gone a lot worse. Hunter (and Joe) Biden are lucky that an old man found the gun while rummaging and had the good sense to turn it in.

Had a mentally unstable person found the gun, driven to a school or anywhere else, and emptied the shots into unknowing victims, it would have led to a mass shooting.

The average handgun will hold at least five shots. A mass killing is defined as three or more people being injured or killed. If the person is a good shot, it could have happened.

Way to go.

Hunter Biden truly is a felon. He’s committed felons before and he’ll commit them again. Now, it’s only a matter of whether he’ll actually be held accountable for his crimes or if daddy will protect him.