Did They Miss the Science? Oregon Doubles Down on Stupid, Declares State of Emergency

As the pandemic wanes and more states look to restore some small measure of normalcy, there is some unique thinking taking place. It is time to start thinking outside of the usual boxes for a lot of locations. In eastern Oregon, Baker City residents and business owners have grown weary of the lockdowns. Governor Kate Brown is also keeping the mask mandates in place.

Mayor Kerry McQuisten was just sworn in this past January. She listened to the complaints of her constituents and took a closer look at the situation. The plan was simple: the city would become a “Common Sense Sanctuary”. In order to reduce the harm that was being caused to businesses and residents because of the mandates, a state of emergency was declared.

COVID mandates are now being left up to residents and individual employers. The good folks at PJ Media sat down with the Mayor and tried their best to make sense of this. Apparently, other counties and towns are in contact with her and are looking to pursue strategies that are similar:

“In an interview with PJ Media, Baker City Mayor Kerry McQuisten says the proposal began as an attempt to make their town a Common Sense Sanctuary. Serving in her first term, business leaders approached her the day after swearing-in took place in January. “It was quite a process,” she says.

“After we were all sworn in back on January 12th, local businesses brought forth to counsel an idea of a Common Sense Sanctuary City. The idea was pretty funny, actually. It was a good idea. They were asking for local businesses to be able to adhere, or not adhere to the mask mandates, the OSHA restrictions, as they saw fit individually.”

McQuisten says the city council conducted a town hall meeting over the issue. “Business owners poured in to give testimony. Some questioned whether the city could protect them from state OSHA regulations and targeting by these agencies.”

The first resolution that passed was a rather lengthy one. It even led off with a whopping 22 statements that began with “WHEREAS…”, which is about what we expected. According to the resolution, a state of emergency had to be declared because of the economic, mental health, and criminal activity that was taking place as a result of the mandates.

There was also a declaration about the Governor’s mandates, which are considered to be “arbitrary, ineffective, and draconian.” The Governor was also informed that the projections and models that were used to come to the decision to declare a state of emergency were faulty. From there, the document discusses all of the potential resolutions that can be used to assist Baker City during the crisis.

The part that we are most interested in is the awesome parting shot that was taken. “BE IT RESOLVED the City recognizes the citizenry of Baker City are free, sovereign individuals within a Constitutional, Representative Republic, not subjects or slaves, and will be recognized as such as we firmly stand to represent them,” the document concludes. Now, that is exactly what we are talking about.

Even Oregon is starting to lose their willingness to keep going along with insane resolutions. The Mayor has already tried to contact the Governor on a number of occasions, only to be rebuffed on every occasion. Perhaps this document will get her attention. We now find ourselves wondering if Kate Brown is going to send the troops in and put a stop to this.

The Common Sense Sanctuary could get shut down anytime now. What would the city do in response to such an event? That’s the million dollar question at the moment. These are the sort of ideas that we can see being implemented in more locations around the country. It is time to let the people start making decisions for themselves. We can’t live under the thumb of our elected officials for all eternity.