Didn’t We Know It? Samantha Bee Admits She’s a Democrat Activist Playing a Comedian on Tv

Samantha Bee is finally saying the quiet part loud. Like so many liberals, she is taking a break from her faux activism because she no longer cares. Apparently, all of the ills of the world have been addressed because the mean old orange man is not president anymore. At least she’s being honest.

It’s not a surprise at all but we are more than happy to hear her admit it. Like most of the television hosts who we have the misfortune of watching these days, she’s a Democrat who simply wants to pander to her audience. After using her platform to bash the last president every chance she got, she’s changed her tune now.

The kid gloves are on because no one wants to tangle with good old Sleepy Joe. We have to give him some level of credit here. He’s played the role of the doddering old fool so well, he’s got the liberals totally defanged. They can’t even bring themselves to do their usual whining. Fox News has more about her recent interview about this topic.

“TBS’ far-left “Full Frontal” host Samantha Bee admitted on Tuesday she goes easy on President Biden after years of mocking former President Donald Trump’s every move.

Bee joined journalist Dan Rather on his SiriusXM program and the left-wing veteran newsman asked, “Do you, or do you not, find yourself sometimes at least tempted to kind of pull your punches?”

“In other words, you, myself, and a lot of people, more or less free-swingers against President Trump,” Rather continued. “But now that Biden is in, I don’t know, do you find yourself sometimes saying, ‘Oh boy, there’s a nasty comedy bit I can unload on Biden,’ but saying to yourself, ‘I approve of him so much I’m going to pull this punch?’”

“I can’t deny that that has happened, I think that’s probably true across the board,” Bee said. “You’re like, ‘OK, well, we could be making jokes about the infrastructure plan,’ but in general, I’m like, ‘Wow, this is great.’ Why would I purposefully undermine something that seems to be a great idea, pretty much across the board?”

Isn’t that funny to read? In other words, she is no different than all of the others who are only willing to criticize the president when it is someone that they do not like. Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert would be so proud of her. This is exactly what they do, too. She’s learned from the best, that is for sure.

The far left has the world of entertainment in a chokehold and they are not going to let go. All they want to do is use their platforms to advocate for Democrat politicians who are as crooked as they come. If any of this is pointed out to them, they simply call the person a racist and rally their fans against them. These coordinated attacks are disgusting and we have gotten very tired of seeing them.

Biden is nothing but a punchline and he should be treated as such. It’s even worse when you stop to realize that we have a number of incidents that can be directly compared. When Trump has a stair-related mishap, it is time to talk about how he’s a dumb, stupid idiot and his brain is failing him. Biden does it on multiple occasions and there’s no need to worry. The playing field has never been level with these two.

Anything that Biden does can be chalked up to whatever they want it to be. We might be doomed from a discourse standpoint but at least we can still call out the bull crap when we see it. The Democrats cannot do this and they refuse to be honest with themselves. Sadly, Bee’s interview is probably the closest that we are ever going to get to any sort of real honesty from these people. Too bad for them!