Disgusting! California’s Newsom Lets His State Down Yet Again

Some states have been quick to open things back up. As a result, they’re seeing a spike in positive COVID-19 cases. Florida and Texas are prime examples of how opening businesses up too quickly can be bad.

However, Governor Newsom of California has never been one to focus on reason. He’s opening the state up to revive the economy and appease the masses. Even though he’s seen the pandemic numbers in the other states, he feels it will be different for California.

Every single day, residents of California are testing positive for COVID-19 by the thousands.

Rather than keeping the state locked down like New York has still done, he made the announcement of, “There’s a certain point where you have to recognize you can’t be in a permanent state where people are locked away for months and months and months on end.”

So, he’s essentially said that he’d rather let people get the virus than to keep them locked away for their personal protection.

New York has been on lockdown longer and the state is still slow to open.

But, of course, Newsom knows better.

58 counties have been given the green light to start opening up various commercial activities, including nail salons and bars.

Business owners and residents have cheered because they don’t want to be in the house. This is music to Newsom’s ears.

He doesn’t want to hear the county health officers talk about the caseloads continuing to rise. He doesn’t want to listen to public health experts warn about how the seven-day average is climbing in California but dropping in states like New Jersey and New York (where, you know, they’re still keeping residents locked down considerably).

Newsom wants to say that infection rates have stabilized. Clearly, he’s not looking at the same numbers as the rest of the country. He argues that the health care system maintains the capacity to handle a surge of cases. Great, he can handle the dead and dying. Isn’t the idea to prevent people from ever getting the coronavirus as opposed to dealing with their sickness?

Newsom is also trying to backtrack, saying that the guidelines don’t mean “go.”

But, Governor, they do. When you tell counties that they can open, they open. That’s the green light that people need to fill bars. You’ve given them the green light. You’ve soaked in their praise. You have given them the “Go” whether that word came out of your mouth or not.

Based on the statistics pouring in from the hospitals and other healthcare facilities, hospitalization rates are still up in seven counties – including Los Angeles. Perhaps he needs to turn to look at how New York City is doing. They may be a dumpster fire for the protests, but at least they have their coronavirus cases under control. The key? They didn’t open up too fast.

The problem is that the governor wants to put it on the residents. He is giving the green light to open things up so that he doesn’t get blamed for not opening the economy. However, he’s still reminding citizens that they need to be vigilant.

His advice? “Do the kinds of things that are necessary for us to avoid that second wave.” Wow. That sounds like really impressive advice.

He’s recommending social distancing but not requiring it. He’s suggesting wearing masks but not making it mandatory. And, he’s regurgitating the same warnings that the CDC has issued about washing hands with greater frequency.

If he really cared about Californians, he’d mandate some of the different safeguards. Instead, he wants to be the hero to say that he’s opening up the economy. Only, when everyone is sick with the pandemic, there will be no one left to cheer for him.

Newsom may go down as the most Democratic governor ever. His lack of true leadership is now going to lead to more cases and more lives lost. What a great time to be a Californian.