Do We Have Another Issue? California’s Terrified of “Flurona”

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Have you noticed that reports of the flu have virtually vanished since the start of COVID-19? It’s very odd, don’t you think? Well, it’s hard to catch the flu when you have a mask strapped to your face.

The land of the liberals has decided that they have something new to worry about. Apparently, just dealing with COVID properly wasn’t enough for them. They decided to turn into hypochondriacs and make up a completely new illness.

Enter flurona.

If you’re clever enough, you’ll realize that this is a made-up word that is a combination of flu + corona. Is it a real thing? No, not really. However, we’ll go ahead and humor the liberals for a minute by talking about it.

CBS LA has decided to report on how a COVID testing site at the Getty Center found patient zero: a person who tested for not only coronavirus but also influenza.

Well, at this point, Los Angeles is locking everything down. Oh no…not flurona!

This is as ridiculous as it sounds. And before you decide to go into a panic about it all, let’s remember that the testing kits that have been used around the country are about as effective as wetting your finger and holding it up in the wind to determine wind direction.

People have gotten the flu almost every year since their first year of being on this planet. And they live to tell the tale. Only now, it’s on top of having COVID.

Is this a death sentence? Of course not.

The site in Los Angeles decided that it would offer dual tests – COVID and influenza. The reason was because those who had tested negative for COVID would come back after a day or two when they still had symptoms. By testing for influenza at the same time, it made it easier to tell someone what they had.

Now, for everyone who thinks flurona is new, it’s not. It’s just that one testing center actually had a halfway intelligent idea to test for both.

It’s a phenomenon known as coinfection. It’s like having both pneumonia and bronchitis or an upper respiratory infection and influenza.

You don’t hear about anyone panicking when they get a coinfection because it’s common.

Getting a coinfection with COVID has been happening since the very beginning – it’s only just becoming a thing because people are testing for it.

Dr. Otto Yang is an infectious disease expert at UCLA who decided to shed some light on this issue: “If it’s a bad virus season and a lot of virus is circulating, it’s not unusual to be exposed to more than one because they all travel the same.”

At this point, you’ve likely heard about the dangers of “flurona” because all of the liberal media outlets have decided to grab onto it and run. It’s another way to fearmonger. It’s another way for the liberals to scare the crap out of society so that they can make another power grab.

Flurona is ridiculous. It’s just a coinfection of influenza and coronavirus. Tons of people have had it without even knowing because they were only tested for one or the other.

That’s like saying that when you had coronavirus, you also had bronchitis. Did you hear the liberal media talking about bronch-arona? No. One, it’s because it sounds dumb. And two, it’s because coinfections are common.

Don’t let the headlines of “flurona” fool you. It’s not another strain and it’s nothing to suddenly go into lockdown over.