Do You Want the Vaccine or Not, Cuomo?

Andrew Cuomo wants to have his cake and eat it, too. He’s gotten himself into quite a bind since he’s already published a book about how he expertly fought the pandemic. Only, he hasn’t expertly fought anything – and the pandemic is on its second wave and wreaking havoc yet again. He wants a vaccine, he just doesn’t want the vaccine that President Trump’s administration has to offer.

For months, Cuomo said that he would ban New Yorkers from getting the vaccine that Trump’s administration has been touting. He said that he would have his medical experts look it over to determine whether it was safe.

Now that the Pfizer vaccine is getting ready to launch, Cuomo wants it – even without his experts approving it.

The problem is, he’s already said that he doesn’t want it. So, which is it? Does Cuomo want the vaccine that’s going to be offered or not?

Well, he doesn’t want to have to ask Trump for anything. And since Trump is still the president until the end of January, Cuomo has a big decision to make.

Rather than playing nice and agreeing that New York will take the vaccine, he’s threatening to sue the Trump administration if they fail to provide it to the state.

Cuomo has accused Trump of politicizing the vaccine and rushing the FDA to approve it. However, Cuomo has recently said that as soon as the drug is given to them, they’ll distribute it.

Trump is prepared to give Cuomo exactly what he asks for. If the New York governor doesn’t want the vaccine because he believes that it has been pushed to market too soon, then he’ll be happy to withhold the vaccine from the state.

That’s when the governor has had to change his tune. Now, Cuomo has decided that not only does he want the vaccine, New Yorkers need it. Hmm, so apparently FDA approval was all he really ever needed. Since Pfizer has moved forward with an FDA approval, there’s been no talk of Cuomo having an expert panel of scientists look over the vaccine. Why? Perhaps Cuomo is realizing that he’s not any better at managing the pandemic than Trump is.

Cuomo has said that he won’t allow “New Yorkers to be bullied or abused.” This is from the same man who, just last month, swore that he wouldn’t allow New Yorkers to gain access to any kind of vaccine promoted by President Trump.

So, it seems that Cuomo is fine with bullying and abusing New Yorkers as long as it’s at his own hand.

The only way that New York is going to get vaccines is by simply allowing people to take what the FDA has already approved. There’s no reason why residents should have to wait any longer than necessary while Cuomo conducts an independent review. That’s as if the governor believes that he cannot trust the FDA and that his experts are better.

Trump has said, “The governor will let us know when he’s ready.” That’s it. That’s all it’s going to take. Cuomo simply has to tell the president when he’s ready to accept the vaccine.

There’s no need for lawsuits. There’s no need for calling it a political motive.

Andrew Cuomo needs to look at the mess that he and he alone has created throughout the state. New York was one of the first states to be hit hard – and he’s made a number of bad calls. Now, he’ll close restaurants but keep schools open – and in Europe, just the opposite is happening. And New York’s numbers are climbing.

Yep, it’s a good thing that he wrote that book to let everyone know that his strength and expertise helped him to manage the pandemic. If he had waited until now to publish, it would have flopped even bigger than it already did.

Now, New Yorkers just have to wait to see if he’s going to accept the vaccine the way it is…from Trump.