Doctor Dies of COVID-19 After Months of Wearing Masks

The death of even one person from COVID-19 is extremely tragic. But when it happens because of the misinformation that they have received about masks, it makes the situation much more horrible. Adeline Fagan was a 28-year old doctor that had been wearing masks around people for months. She came down with COVID-19, which took her life because she was told a mask would protect her.

Democrats have been pushing masks on faces all over the country. They have denied the facts behind a mask that says they are not good enough to protect from the virus. It merely goes right on through the facial covering. The liberals needed something to push on people so they could continue to play their political games.

Fagan came down with COVID-19 while working in the hospital. For those months she worked in the emergency room, she was told that there was not enough personal protective equipment available, which was not true. President Trump made sure that every medical facility had what they needed. At some point, the hospital needed to release that equipment for use and not sit on it, thinking a massive sickness wave was coming.

Fagan did her part by not using PPE when it was not needed. She was told a mask would take care of the problem, and she would be fine. But the facts are that the virus is so small that a mask will not filter it out.
The liberal media makes it sound like PPE is not available for use. But every hospital had what they needed and could get more upon request. They sat on the gear, thinking that they needed to ration it out on an as needed basis.

What they should have done is trusted the president and moved forward with using it. Fagan would not have died had the truth about masks been told, and the PPE equipment would have been used. Fagan is a hero in her own right because she selflessly took care of the people who had the virus despite her risks.

Other doctors have refused to treat patients until they could wrap themselves in PPE. But not Fagan, she served people without any thought for her own life. This sets her apart from the others that refuse to do what is right because they selfishly deny others until they can be 100 percent safe.

The issue of the mask has been a plague on communities all around the country. The lying liberals tell people that a store-bought mask is good enough to protect them from COVID-19. The Democrats have said to the American people that the virus is worse than is being told, which has led to a fearful existence in liberal run states.

Democrats and the liberal media are quick to blame Fagan’s death on the Republicans that have opened their states. Texas is a state that has opened up without much of an increase in COVID-19 infections. They want people to think that these decisions killed Fagan, but the truth is that she died believing the Democrats lie about the masks.

Another lie that was told to people like Fagan is that the N-95 masks were good enough. But they were not told that it has to be cleaned after a couple of times of being used. The hospital that she worked at covered their end by stating that “Our protocol, based on CDC guidance, includes colleagues turning in their N95 masks at the conclusion of each shift, and receiving another mask at the beginning of their next shift.” If the issue was that serious, there should have been a system in place that made doctors and nurses turn in their masks for cleaning. But of course, that never happened.

For nearly a year, President Trump has said that help was available for any hospital that did not have what they needed for PPE. All they had to do was call the president, and he would send it straight to them. The shortage of equipment is the fault of the hospitals and those in charge. Fagan was a selfless hero that died serving her patients. But the lies the Democratic media and administrators fed her have caused the trouble that many people have today.