Does Bernie Sanders Not Understand What Human Rights Are?

One recent story picked up on an ongoing and continuing trend that has been heard from the mouth of Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on more than one occasion and regarding many different topics, which begged the question, does Bernie Sanders not understand what Human Rights are? Because it appears and sounds like he may not.

For those of us who might be a little rusty on precisely what those rights are supposed to look like as defined by the Constitution, here is a quick tutorial and a look at what that document says:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Most of us probably couldn’t recite this word for word, but most of us also understand and know the gist of it. Sure, there are a few big words in there, yet nothing that we can’t figure out, right? And that one word, “inalienable” meaning unable to be taken, those are what the United States refers to as God-given rights.

These rights, however, as used by Bernie Sanders are seemingly much more inclusive. At least to hear Bernie tell it. As the aforementioned story reported, our say-anything-to-get-elected candidate said:

“I believe that health care is a human right. When I talk about health care being a human right, last time I heard that undocumented people are human beings as well … We need the best-educated population in the world and that means we’re going to make our public colleges and universities tuition-free and open that to the undocumented as well.”

So now, according to Senator Sanders, we can also include those inalienable rights to include, “…Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” in addition to free healthcare and education. Don’t worry, there aren’t going to be any history lessons or tests coming, but do we need any? Does anyone honestly think that somehow treatment for a cold or that a free college degree is meant to be included in those “rights?”

Neither does Bernie Sanders, but it sure sounds good doesn’t it?

It isn’t that Sanders is doing anything that other politicians playing politics, as usual, doesn’t do. For an entire election season, and longer, we hear politicians from every corner of Washington promising more, better, and free – fill in the blank here.

The problem here as our story so insightfully noted, is that Bernie Sanders is trying to erase lines. In this case, it is the line that determines what falls under the classification of human rights and what doesn’t. According to Sanders, essentially everything is a human right, and as our story so eloquently said, “When everything is a human right, nothing is.”

No, this isn’t a politician playing politics as usual, this is a very nearsighted candidate playing very serious games with the fabric of our great country. We have, and our witnessing these games with our Nation’s Constitution already taking a toll. Look at what civil rights and its meaning has become today. Just look at the fight Americans are in simply to keep their rights to bear arms.

And now Bernie is trying to unravel the very essence of the meaning of Human Rights. No, this isn’t politics as usual, this is serious and dangerous. The truth is if Bernie were running for office in a Socialist country, he might be a great candidate, but he isn’t.

These rights, these core beliefs of our country are the principles and truths that keep us safe. They are what prevent us from becoming a socialist country or worse, a Venezuela or China?

Our story went on to simply ask, “What help are a shower of freebies when the government redistributes what you earn; decrees how you can worship; abolishes protective borders: censors your opinions at their discretion: and determines how your children are educated?”

Not only does that not sound like America but it would also cease to be the United States of America. Yes, we believe that Bernie knows exactly what the Constitution means. It simply appears that he either doesn’t see the danger of his false promises and lies or that he just doesn’t care.