Don’t We Know! Former White House Doctor Warns About the Dangerous Mental Decline Visible in Biden

Dr. Ronny Jackson was the White House doctor who was responsible for providing Trump with his cognitive test. All of his haters in the mainstream media swore that his mental capacity was declining but they were proven wrong. He passed the cognitive test with flying colors and we always knew that he would.

Since giving this test to Trump, Dr. Jackson has since been elected to Congress. He has been watching Joe Biden closely since he was given the chance to ascend to the big seat. Like many of us, he is very concerned about the current president’s mental condition. He recently had the chance to express his concerns to Sean Hannity about the matter.

While we have been guilty of cracking jokes about Biden’s tapioca pudding brain, we must admit that he is 100 percent here. This is not something that we should be laughing at. Breitbart has more about the interview and trust us, it is a must-see:

“During an appearance on FNC’s “Hannity” on Tuesday, Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) said President Joe Biden wasn’t inspiring confidence domestically or abroad as president.

The freshman lawmaker told host Sean Hannity he thought America’s adversaries were taking advantage of the president’s perceived weaknesses.

“Fifty-seven percent, Doctor, think that somebody else is in charge in the White House, including 58% of independents and a third of Democrats think that he’s not making the decisions,” Hannity said. “How does a — how does a country function if the president’s incapable of performing his duties? That’s what the poll says. My personal poll — everybody I talk to talks about it.”

“Well, Sean, we can’t — we can’t function,” Jackson replied. “I mean, we’re spending money like it’s going out of style right now. We at least need to know that our commander-in-chief, our head of state, and our president knows what’s going on in that regard.”

Again, we urge you to watch the entire interview. Hannity and Jackson are spot on with their analysis. Biden is spending like a drunken sailor and there are serious questions as to whether he understands the consequences of his actions. Jackson has maintained a consistent point of view when it comes to this topic.

“Why won’t Biden have a physical & cognitive exam and release the results? It’s because the majority of Americans KNOW something’s not right with our alleged “Commander in Chief.” If Biden’s not capable of running our country – who’s REALLY in charge? You DESERVE to know!” he tweeted.

This is one of the most valid points that can be made at the moment. The mainstream media could not stop questioning Trump’s mental capabilities to save their lives. How are these same people turning a blind eye to what is taking place right now? It’s interesting to see how people’s views change on this stuff, depending on the party affiliation of the president in question.

The same people who could not stop harping on Trump have gotten awfully quiet these days, haven’t they? Meanwhile, Biden gets a ticker-tape parade whenever he is able to successfully order ice cream. He can’t manage to pull off these sorts of simple tasks without hitting on someone’s wife or daughter in the process but that’s all good with them.

It’s all part of the classic Biden charm, if you let them tell it. The man was never the brightest bulb in the world but things are only getting worse and worse now. His decline is evident and it is rapid. Until Biden is willing to sit down and take the cognitive test, these concerns are only going to grow louder.

After all, what should this president have to hide? Trump had every reason not to take the test and he still did. We all know that he is not the type to submit to any sort of testing just because other people tell him to. He wanted to silence his critics and he did. Your turn, Sleepy Joe.