Dumbest Criminal: Murder Suspect Ignorantly Plays on Closed Beach and Gets Arrested

Criminals are living the high life right now as law enforcement does not want to arrest people or confront them if they do not have too. The risk of contracting the virus is just too great. So those that are wanted for violent crimes feel like they can reenter normal life without getting caught.

But that is just not the case for one man that decided to break the coronavirus quarantine and took a stroll on a Florida beach. What he thought was a nice day for a walk turned into a realty change for the rest of his life.

Mario Matthew Gatti is a 30-year-old man that is wanted for murder in Pennsylvania. Gatti has been on the run for some time. His careful living turned careless and he was finally caught for crimes that law enforcement thinks he committed.

Jacksonville, Florida reopened their beaches for limited use over the weekend. Gatti was found acting suspicious as he was loitering on the beach. Hundreds of beachgoers came out to enjoy the day and had no problems with the police, but Gatti found a way to attract them to himself. He was wearing surfing shorts when he got caught. He was dressed like nothing was going to happen. His violent past was about to catch up with him

The Jacksonville police stated that “This morning while officers patrolled the beach proper they captured a Fugitive from Justice, wanted in Arnold, Pennsylvania for Homicide. Good job!”

For ignorant criminals, it is still a good idea not to show up in public thinking the police are slacking off. Good ole Gatti found out the hard way that his beach planned day was going to be the first day of living behind bars. This is a reality that he would come to hate for years to come.

Gatti was not supposed to be lying around on the beach. He was found lounging around when the police approached him. Gatti was wanted for the killing of Michael Coover Jr. at the start of the year. He has been on the run for over four months.

His criminal record is long and includes things for possession of a firearm and multiple drug charges. Instead of heading to his room after a fun day he now gets to wear stripes and live behind bars. The family of Coover is glad that Gatti has been found. His death has been hard to take for his kids. Closure is finally settling in for the family that has been waiting for his arrest.

The beaches are slowly being opened for set hours of the day for things like walking, running, swimming and surfing. Sitting on the beach or lounging in the sand is still prohibited. Had Gatti been satisfied with a walk on the beach he would not have been arrested. But for a man that thinks he is above the law, there is no reason to think that he will obey the rules.

His actions mirror that of the Democratic Party. They think that certain laws do not apply to them. They think that they can engage in questionable behavior and not have to answer for their crimes. But like Gatti, they will find out that they have to answer for the same laws that everyone else has to obey.

Governor Ron DeSantis wants to see the state opened for life as normal. But like the president, he has to be cautious. A sudden reopening could spur on another spike or massive outbreak. But so far that does not seem to be the case. The beach openings are proving that there can be a slow reversal of the restrictions that have been imposed for safety reasons.

The Democrats attack the president constantly over the decisions that he has to make on behalf of the American people. President Trump loves people and that defines him as a great president.

The Democrats love power and that defines them as senseless dictators. The president continues to do things that make America great. And the way that he has protected people proves that he is the great president that history is recording him to be.