Elizabeth Warren Claims Democrats Will Lose… But Her Reasons Are All Wrong

Rich Koele / shutterstock.com

Senator Elizabeth Warren is sharp. Although she’s a Democrat, she’s capable of deducing when her Party is going to lose. And she’s seen the red wave that has been crashing over various liberal cities, counties, and states for the past year.

Americans have spoken. They aren’t interested in progressive agendas. The only thing that Democrats have delivered on are high prices, both at the grocery stores and at the gas pumps.

Elizabeth Warren was recently on “Meet the Press” where she warned “We’ve got less than 200 days until the election and American families are hurting. We can, for example, stop the price gouging. That will help bring down prices.”

This is typical of the liberal senator from Massachusetts. She wants to “help” the American people, but she doesn’t want to do it in a way that is sustainable. Instead, she wants to offer wealth redistribution schemes.

When Warren speaks, you have to read between the lines. Otherwise, you’d get the idea that she is actually looking to help everyone. She gets mad with her party because she knows that they are going to lose in the midterms. Though, it’s not as if she’s tried to rally everyone together to do anything that will help. In fact, she’s been so busy trying to get Biden to forgive student loan debt that she hasn’t bothered to focus on anything else.

If we listen to Warren, the issue isn’t actually with the Biden administration at all. The reason why we’re all spending more money is because of the evil corporations who want to price gouge. They’re all just trying to up the profits for themselves.

We all know that’s a farce.

Prices are up because gas prices are up. If it costs more to get products to the store, it will cost more. And with supply chains broken, many companies are having to pay more for their substitutions. And those added costs are passed off to the consumer.

If Warren wanted to help Americans and help her Party, she’d demand that Biden open up the American pipelines. She’d demand that Biden do a reset so that some of the Trump-era policies that were helping the U.S. be energy independent be reinstated.

She’s not doing any of those things. Warren is getting mad because she thinks that is what voters want to see. She thinks that the way to help the Democratic Party is by turning on them. And by pointing the finger at greedy corporations.

It proves she’s got it all wrong.

Americans don’t want to see even more in-party fighting within the Democratic Party. We’ve seen enough of that from the Squad – and people are over it.

We also don’t want to see yet another Democrat pointing the finger to try to convince us that they are not to blame. We’ve gotten enough finger-pointing from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to last a lifetime.

Warren only manages to give us a laugh. “Let’s attack the corruption in Washington head on.” She continues on about how members of Congress shouldn’t be allowed to trade stocks and how Biden should wipe out student loan debt with an executive order.

While we’re all about corruption, she doesn’t realize that she contributes to it every day simply by being a member of the Democratic Party.

She does manage to say something that we can all agree with: “There are things that the American people elected us to do and we still need to get out there and do it.”

The problem is that the Democrats don’t know how. They believe that they can point the finger, convince Biden to use executive orders, and ignore the problems that Americans really have.

Warren thinks that she’s stumbled onto the issue. The only thing she’s managed to prove is that she’s just like every other Democrat. She can’t stop the red wave because she is as clueless as everyone else in her Party.