Enough Evidence Is in Hand to Keep Biden out of White House

President Trump is fighting the clock when it comes to fighting for the American people. The nasty Democrats have put all of their eggs into one basket, hoping that time will run out before they are exposed as cheaters. President Trump must prove that widespread fraud did take place. He must prove that Joe Biden cheated in order to keep him from becoming the next president.

The two people that President Trump has put at the heart of the fight are Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell. Both of these heroes claim that they have the evidence in hand to prove their case before the courts. The two pieces of evidence that are highly debated right now are the ridiculous election counting companies that were hired to do one job in November. And that was to count ballots fairly.

Both men have come out and stated that they had found 632,000 votes that illegal in Pennsylvania alone. Those votes were multiplied many times over as the same stack of ballots was counted several times through the same machine.

Many people have come forward and signed sworn statements that they witnessed thousands and thousands of ballots miraculously appear once the counting was done. Every single ballot that showed up was cast in favor of Joe Biden. The Democrats created stockpiles of ballots that they harvested from all over the country and put Biden’s name on them.

Rudy Giuliani stated that the two counting companies need to be investigated because there is evidence that Trump votes were counted as Biden votes. The software was manipulated to make Biden win.

Powell came and said that “We’re fixing to overturn the election results in multiple states and President Trump won by not just hundreds of thousands of votes but by millions of votes that were shifted by this software that was designed expressly for that purpose.”

Hundreds of thousands of people have come forward and stated that they have proof that fraud took place. It was proven that the software used could have been manipulated from any place remotely. Even the manual was proven to state how to wipeout votes that should not be counted.

Powell was questioned as to whether or not she could produce such evidence. Her response is so definitive that the liberals are running in fear. She stated that “First of all, I never say anything I can’t prove. Secondly, the evidence is coming in so fast I can’t even process it all.”

The two election counting companies are Dominion and Smartmatic. Both of these companies have international roots, which raises the speculation that a foreign company could also be involved in the attempt to oust the president.

Smartmatic is anything but impartial. The chairman of their board of directors is none other than Peter Neffenger. He is a member of Biden’s team to transition into the White House. He is part of the team that will work with the Department of Homeland Security. America is in real danger of being attacked by liberals in critical segments of its government.

President Trump knows that the time is short. That is why he has the two-best people on the job. The counting of votes is essential for proving who the next president will be. The problem is having to weed out all the fake ballots that showed up after the deadline.

President Trump said from the beginning that the results were going to be tainted by the liberals as they try and cheat their way into the White House. Those methods of cheating also were applied to critical races for the Senate and the House. But so far, they have failed to turn those seats into a majority.

President Trump is a man of his word. There has not been a time where he has lied to the American people. He promised to protect every American from threats that would seek to harm the nation. And that includes the threat of tyranny and dictatorships from within. The lying left cheated, and they are about to be exposed. Their actions are going to be the worst that this nation has ever seen since the Revolutionary War.