ENOUGH: President Trump Tackles Police Issue Hard

The way President Trump works with people is professional and polite. The issue that the media and Democrats have with him is that he expects the same treatment from them. The liberals cry about the way he talks to them, but they are even worse towards him as they accuse him of crimes that he never even committed.

He is the perfect balance to the extreme liberalism that is threatening the freedoms of millions of people. America wanted a president that would turn the tide of anarchy back the other way. And President Trump is just the person to get the job done.

President Trump was against the killing of George Floyd. But when the protestors went from protesting the treatment of Floyd to anarchy, he changed from sympathy to one of authority. The president saw the change in the crowd as Antifa and others like them filled the ranks.

No longer would the protests be peaceful, but they would turn violent. The president warned state leaders to stop the violence before it got started. But the unbelieving Democrats turned a deaf ear and now they have been run out of power in some areas.

The very fact that the rioters have called for a defunding of the police only shows their focus now is to overthrow the government of America. The president and the Republicans see the demand as spiteful and ridiculous. Without enforcers of the law, there is only the thought of anarchy and violence. People will want to do what is right in their own eyes.

The House Minority Leader is Kevin McCarthy, and he rightfully told police that “Republicans will never turn our backs on you.” The Democrats would claim that the support of the police is a political move. But it is the right thing to do as an American. Joe Biden would support the chaos in an attempt to get votes simply to sit in the Oval Office. But he is going to find that beating the president in November is not going to be as easy as he thinks it will be.

Kayleigh McEnany is the White House press secretary and she stated that “The president is appalled by the ‘defund the police’ movement.” This is nothing more than an attempt to play politics to gain power by the Democrats. This is the same call to defund immigration officers years ago by the Democrats.

They sent their mobs up from the south to storm the border in an attempt to gain control. This time the Democrats sent out their Antifa allies to storm cities. It is the same old attempts of the liberals to overthrow America.

McEnany also stated that “It’s remarkable to hear this coming from today’s Democrat party.” But that is what people expect from the demon-possessed Democrats. They blame the virus on President Trump, blame the riots on him, and then criticize him when he deals with each issue in the best possible way. The Democrats want the debate to center on racism and violence because that is what makes up their party.

Joe Biden has coughed up a few words in an attempt to keep himself out of the wake of debate. He stated from his nursing home room that he “hears and shares the deep grief and frustrations of those calling for change.” He is agreeing with them 100 percent. He lied when he said that he “does not believe that police should be defunded.”

He is only saying that to keep his small band of voters on his side. Without the presence of law enforcement, there will only be hatred and violence. Armed mobs will be the rule of the day and they will attack whoever they want to get whatever they want out of them.

Every police officer in the country is going to be voting for President Trump after he settles the matter once and for all. The crazy rioters are just asking for the military to show up and destroy them. Antifa will find out what it means to violently attack the citizens of the United States.

The cry to defund the police is a classic socialist attack on the freedoms of Americans. Rule and law are what the country is founded on. The Antifa way of ruling is very similar to what the Founding Fathers fought hard to free America from.