Enough! Trump is Bringing Down Sanctuary Cities

The Democrats have made many of the major cities in the United States hubs for high crime and illegals because they refuse to cooperate with ICE in dealing with illegal immigration.

The issue has quickly become an issue for the president as he makes it part of his campaign to deal with the traitorous mentality of the Democrat that promote sanctuary cities.

The issue is being called “uncooperative jurisdictions.” What this means is that Democrats are not letting law enforcement do their job to rid the cities of illegals. William Barr, who is the Attorney General, has stated that this is part of a “significant escalation” of the problem. The president is fighting back in the courts and issuing subpoenas to people for them to come and give an answer as to why they are defying presidential orders.

The entire concept of a sanctuary city centers around the of deportation. In the 80s illegals would shakeup in places like a church to keep from being sent back to their homeland. But that has shifted to cities.

These local governments are Democratic-controlled. They resist the requests by ICE for them to hold illegals until they can come and pick them up. They do this because the liberals hate President Trump. This has become one of the last ways that they can fight him on his policies.

There is no set standard of rules that govern sanctuary cities as each place will have its level of cooperation. The way it works is that any illegal person will not be held in jail until ICE arrives for them.

Many cities simply ignore the order and release the person back into the general population. This gives the impression that illegals are free to enact crimes and do whatever they want because they will not be deported.

ICE must issue a detainer that asks for the city to hold the person for two days until they can come and get them. All the Democratic-controlled areas have refused so far to participate in matters of deportation.

This accounts for 150 counties and cities that are making it hard for ICE to do their job. And in each one of these areas’ crime levels have more than doubled. Democrats would rather protect the illegals rather than legal citizens.

ICE can still enter the cities and look for the person, but they will have no cooperation from local law enforcement. Most law enforcement agencies located in these areas are against the policies. They would rather cooperate because they are committed to protect and to serve the people.

ICE is not even being told when the person was released. This makes it extremely difficult to track and find an illegal person. ICE should be allowed to come into a jail setting and remove the person in a controlled environment. This would be safe for everyone including the illegal that wants to run and hide.

There are many reasons provided as to why these places do not act in cooperation with the law. President Trump has proved that these areas have high crime rates and there have been people killed as a result of the sanctuary mentality.

The illegal gets in a car to flee or drive around and kills someone who has proved the case for cooperation. The sad part is that the death could have been avoided if the deceitful Democrats would just cooperate.

President Trump is making the issue part of his campaign for 2020. The issue is so strong for people that they are willing to vote for their safety over party lines. The political arena cannot fix the issue. Only a president that has to guts to stand up to the wickedness of the Democratic Party can solve the immigration issue.

For right now these regions are going to see an increase in the number of border agents patrolling the area. President Trump is deploying highly trained units to go after the illegals shaking up in the major cities around America.