Exposed: Obama Now Under Pressure Due to Gun-Running

Illegal weapons dealer Barack Obama was involved in a massive scandal that ended up arming the enemy with American weapons. What is being called the “Fast and Furious” operation has angered the Mexican government because they are fighting the cartels that hitman Obama armed with guns. And now the Mexican people are calling for information that links the mafia boss to the sale of the weapons that are now being used to kill people in Mexico.

A note of request was sent diplomatically through the channels from Mexico to the United States. The Mexican people are looking for answers regarding the gun sting that was a major screwup by the former president.

The “Fast and Furious” operation ran for several years. The point of the plan was to sell illegal weapons to drug dealers running in Mexico. Those guns would then be traced around to see how they were used.

Normal people would state that guns are being used to kill people so there is no need to sell them. But again the Democrats were in the White House and they don’t understand simple logic.

Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard stated that “The [Mexican] government requests that it be provided with all the information available regarding the ‘Fast and Furious’ operation.” Obama saw a way to arm the drug dealers before leaving office and set out to flood the underworld with new weapons.

The police in both countries have to work at seizing illegal weapons. And in the end, it puts their lives at risk. The Democrats thought that they would be able to track down the drug bosses by following the weapons.

But the weapons simply disappeared. The insane idea is just about as stupid as the idea of shutting off the power in California to stop wildfires. The Democrats have no sense of rationality with the way they think and operate.

Obama sold over 2,000 guns to the drug cartels and so far only about 710 have been recovered. No wonder the Mexican people want to see Obama’s head on a platter. He gave illegal arms to the enemy.

An enemy that kidnaps people and kills the rest. The shame that Obama has brought to the American landscape is insurmountable. It has taken President Trump over four years to repair the damage that the mafia boss Obama has done to the people of the United States.

This is only one of the many reasons why Obama has remained in the shadows. The only reason he had to crawl out of the gutter is that Biden was running for president. Biden is a man that cannot seem to remember why he is alive let alone what his goals are for being the president. That is why he must have Obama coaching him.

The Mexican president is looking for answers. The note sent demands that the United States cooperate and give what is needed to bring to justice the one responsible for the arming of the drug lords.

He is looking for any connection with the previous administration and corruption. He will not have to dig deep or far to find corruption. Both Obama and Biden have done highly illegal things.

The Mexican president stated that “How could this be? A government that invades in this way, that flagrantly violates sovereignty, international laws.” He has accused Obama of intentionally violating international laws. Something that Obama has no problem doing.

Obama is also guilty of making laws that are illegal constitutionally. When he set up the Dreamer program it would later be dubbed as an illegal move. Yet, the program was left in place by Obama worshippers.

President Trump inherited a ton of trash from Obama when he left office. President Trump has pulled the plug on a lot of things that have screwed up the economy and development within the United States.

Another four years would only seek to cement in place the greatness that President Trump has brought to the country. He has made American great again. And now it is time to bring to justice the illegal operations of the previous administration.