Exposed: There’s More to the Protesters Than Meets the Eye

The protestors are more than just voicing their disgust for the murder of an innocent man at the hands of a police officer. They are a highly organized band of terrorists being driving by groups such as Antifa and the Democratic Party.

The liberal media continues to lie about the true nature of the riots. The media paints the rioters as the victims and the business owners and bystanders as the aggressors. The closer the country gets to the November election the more the true nature of the liberals and Democrats comes to the surface.

The New York Police Commissioner is Dermont F. Shea. He stated that “This is what our cops are up against organized looters, strategically placing caches of bricks & rocks at locations throughout NYC. Antifa and professional anarchists… invading our communities.” Police officers found large crates of brick and rock stashed away next to garbage cans near zones ready for attack.

The murderous crowd sets up for their next round of attacks by placing these bins around the region. The area in question is an area that has not seen any rioting yet. It stands to reason that it was coming. The police are staying quiet about the finds in the short term. No one wants to talk about the armory of bricks that have been discovered.

One unnamed detective stated that “The city is going through an unprecedented issue with looting and protesting. The normal people who would answer your questions are out trying to protect the city. So that’s why you’re not getting answers to your questions.”

Many of the regions that are under attack are being hit by people that are involved with organized crime or from other regions. People are quick to note that there is little evidence of such claims, but the bricks tell a different story.

Organized terror will usually stash or set up an area before an attack is sanctioned. That way the weapons and other items are already in place. But the media does not want the police and the innocent public to know the truth. So, they tell their lies about the nature of the attacks.

Mark Treyger is one blind and naïve Democrat that believes there is no outside interference. But the evidence of the containers in his area clearly shows the positioning of weapons to use in an attack. Treyger believes that the bricks are from a construction site.

Of course, they are from the site, but that does not explain why they are blocks away from the construction zone in containers for people to reach into. Treyger believes that his little section of the world is immune from the protests since none have been in his liberal district.

Treyger would say that “There is literally a construction site and construction fencing and signage. And they found five or six containers of what appears to me to be construction debris.” Instead of listening to the warnings, he took offense to the notification.

He blasted the police by stating that “I believe that [Shea’s] tweet about my district is not responsible. Because he did not give the full set of facts and the full picture, especially when his own department says the discovery was still under investigation. The police commissioner needs to be very mindful with his words because they could incite violence.”

Protestors are More than Meets the EyeTreyger just let everyone see that the violence is coming from the liberals as he warned the police commissioner to watch his mouth or more violence will take place. Treyger is in on the riots proven by his reaction and not wanting to listen to the police that keeps him safe at night.

The police would go one to note that construction sites have been hit and bricks were taken to be used as weapons. It is time for the country to see Democrats and liberals as terrorists living in a free country.

Antifa and their violent friends are the main cause of the violence that grips the nation. President Trump is right when he says the group is a terror organization and it is time to treat them like it.