Fact Check: Viral Coronavirus Video, Doctors Shooting Patients?

How far can one epidemic spread fear into the hearts of the inhabitants of the earth?  This one video that has gone viral on social media shows how far people will go to spread terror among everyone who, by now, is well aware of the coronavirus.  The video shows doctors are now walking around with guns shooting and killing patients with the deadly virus.  But along with the media, things are not always what they seem to be.

Hollywood actors, which are just that, actors like James Wood and others are posting on Twitter the video and some with the captions reading, “Meanwhile over 25,000 killed they have started shooting down all the people with the virus in China… this is so sad.”  The videos appear to come out of Wuhan, China.

Fact-checkers from the website Snopes show how the video is made up of three different videos to make one horror scene where doctors are ending the spread of the virus by killing people.  Death has come by the tens of thousands in China, and the government cannot gain the upper hand on the virus.

There are many conspiracy theories around the virus and the video footage released.  For starters, the video is a fake.  The video was edited, and the first part of the clip is policeman, not doctors.  All authorities are wearing the same gear for their protection against the deadly virus throughout China.

The source is unknown from where the video came from, but the Chinese Global Television Network stated it was local law enforcement responding to a call about a hostile K-9.  They posted on Twitter, “Police in Yiwu, Zhejiang said online video alleging them “shooting people sick with #coronavirus that refuse to be evacuated” is fake.  The police said the video was “maliciously” manipulated with separate scenes since the armed officers were only dealing with a rabid dog.”

Another scene was added to the second part of the clip, which shows doctors giving treatment for those who are outside and on the ground.  The scene was taken to add to the video where popping sounds were in the background.  These were explained to be the fireworks from the Lunar New Year, not gunshots.

In the second part of the video, there is no panic showing anyone was being killed, but whoever made the video was showing it as though people who were trying to leave were being shot and killed.  There were also no guns in the scene to make it out that the doctors were killing anyone.

For the third part of the video, the scene was made up to show a woman lying on the ground after trying to escape the city.  It showed a blockade, and it was edited to show a horrific scene of the woman appears to have been shot.

The French media stepped in and said the video was that of a woman who was killed in a motorcycle accident.  If the uncut version is shown, it shows the scooter on the ground.

Les Observateurs France 24 reported, “In the afternoon of January 29, a one-sided [one-vehicle] road accident occurred in the city of Wuzu.  The person involved was driving a scooter and, due to bad traffic maneuver, she shifted to the side of the road, collided with the stones along the ledge and fell on the back of the head, and unfortunately died.”

There are still questions unanswered about the first two videos.  The third video has nothing to do with the coronavirus.  There is also no evidence to back up the statements doctors are killing patients with the virus.  Experts say it was all a hoax and only made to add fear to the world.

If it was a terror issue, it certainly scared people by the millions.  If it was a practical joke from pranksters, it was not funny in the least.  These issues are taking advantage of something serious and cost tens of thousands of lives.

The conspiracy theories from the virus itself could be true.  Many are saying the Chinese government used biochemicals to spread the illness, and the doctor who discovered the illness contracted the deadly virus and died as a way to silence him.

This is what angered the Chinese government the most, as well as the many citizens who protested against the Chinese government.  Entire cities in China are being sprayed with chemicals to kill the virus and stop its spread, but the fear remains.