Fake News: Trump’s Tweet on Postponing the Election is Grounds for ‘Immediate Impeachment’

The drastic move of trying to impeach President Trump over made-up charges was embarrassing to the Democratic Party. Their beloved Adam Schiff earned them first place in the world’s losers club for the circus-like show that went on before the world’s stage.

One would think that they would have learned their lesson. People have to know what actions of the president impeachable offenses are. But apparently, the liberals teaching government class failed to teach about that part of the Constitution.

Stephen Calabresi is a big-time Trump supporter. But something has happened to him in that he believes that a Tweet is grounds for impeachment. Either that or he is part of a well-laid plan to trap the media into reporting on the foolish notion that the president is ready to be impeached again for making statements regarding the postponement of the election.

The entire statement from the president centers around the threat of cheating by the Democrats. To protect America, it would be better to postpone the election to keep the Democrats from digging up their last round of votes that they buried a century ago. Calabresi has to realize that there is more at stake than just having an election at the set time every four years.

The Democrats have already been found cheating and stacking their voter counts by way of mail-fraud. The media loves the idea of impeaching the president. They were just waiting for this kind of story to come out so they can spin it into an anti-Trump ad for Joe Biden. President Trump is not suggesting that the election should be moved because he wants to stay in power. But, rather keep it fair.

The Democrats are using the coronavirus to push for mail-in voting so they can cheat and boost their votes. Everyone knows that the election period is a set time every four years.

The media paints the picture that the president forgets this part of history. But the contrary is true. He knows that it takes place at the set time and period, but these are uncharted waters. Never before has the Democratic Party tried to takeover by cheating so badly.

The tweet that has Stephen Calabresi so mixed up is “With Universal Mail-In Voting (not Absentee Voting, which is good), 2020 will be the most INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history. It will be a great embarrassment to the USA. Delay the Election until people can properly, securely, and safely vote???”

The coronavirus as changed everything so far, so why not the election? If people are going to get sick, delay the election. Or better yet, keep the Democrats from lying about everything.

The president is wise enough to know how to handle people. His words are far from taking action. What most people see in his statement is the love and respect he has for the American people. He wants them to be safe and he wants the election to be fair. The Democrats are the ones that are pushing for it to be unfair.

His words expose the greedy and the desire of the Democratic Party. Their ears are itching, and their hearts are hoping that he does push for it because it would give them more time to stack their votes. President Trump knows how to play the games that the liberals want to play. He has thrown out the bait and now it is time to see if any Democrat will take the bite.

President Trump has the goal to keep America great. It has taken four years and one pandemic to see how great America has grown since he became the president. There is not one Democrats alive that can argue with the facts that the economy is strong, and people’s hopes are high.

They may not like his popularity, but they certainly like what their investments are doing in the stock market. Every American has benefitted from the leadership of the president. Another four years is what this country needs to surpass greatness and become a wonderful country to live in and work.