FBI Analyst Sentenced to Jail for Hacking Private Email to Protect Mueller

The laws do not change just because people wish they would or because the greater good must be upheld. When a person breaks the law there are going to be consequences for those actions.

This is the lesson that Mark Tolson is learning right now. He was the one that broke into an email account that he had no business getting into. He even took screenshots and sent them to the media along with the password to the account. But the reporter would not take the bait.

Tolson stated that “I did what I did to try to protect Director Mueller who can protect himself. I’m terribly sorry.” Tolson broke into the account because one person was claiming that Mueller had sexually assaulted them. As if this made it alright for Tolson to break the law and get information that they should have never had.

The truth behind these actions speaks louder than the words. Tolson turned the information over to the media and the entire account. This is more than a statement of protection.

This is releasing information about a section of President Trump’s staff for the very purpose of causing him trouble. Tolson was tiring to harm people in an all-out attempt to sabotage the president and those that were working for him. The crime that Tolson committed should be considered treason.

The media could have gotten all kinds of information and spread it around the world via their news outlets. Instead, Tolson only got seven days in jail and a $500 fine. He will also have to serve 50 hours of community service and live with a year of probation.

Tolson also had the option of serving his time in jail after the holidays were over. This is nothing more than a slap on the hand. More time in jail was needed for these actions.

The actions that he took he is claiming were to protect Mueller from having his name smeared because of what was considered by the ex-FBI analyst to be fake news. If the news was so fake, then no one would have ever believed it in the first place.

He deliberately took information that did not belong to him and attempted to spread it around. He also knowingly tried to give access to the people that hate Trump and all that associate with him.

The person that was making such claims is known to make false claims about people. The reason behind the accusations is to discredit the person’s reputation. Then man making the claims was none other than Burkman. He is a person that worked with Jacob Wohl who is known for illegal activity in the state of California.

So really no one would ever believe what these two low lives were about to say about Mueller. One can only wonder if the efforts of Tolson were truly worth it. Or, was there another motivation behind his heinous actions. This was a situation that Tolson should have left alone.

Mueller is a man that can handle his problems. This only leads people to believe that there is more to the motive than what is being said. Judge Leonie Brinkema stated that “This is actually a very serious offense. You’re lucky. Your wife is lucky.

The government could have prosecuted her as well. You can’t just rummage through other people’s accounts. You had to have known better.” The fact is that Tolson should have known better but everyone knows that agents sometimes do things behind closed doors that are not exactly legal.

It is also well known that there are Democrats and liberals out there that pay people to make false allegations about Republicans and others that they do not agree with. This was one of those cases.

Tolson should have gotten a lot more than what he did but in this day and age where liberals punish liberals, they are bound to get off with a slap on the wrist. Liberals protect their own and try to destroy all others that do not stand with them.