Fearful Liberal Attacks Innocent Couple for Not Wearing a Face Mask

Insane liberals are attacking people on the streets for not wearing a mask in public. Their fearful countenance is affecting the way they think and act towards people that do not have the uncertainty that they do. The entire notion of forcing someone to do something that one feels is important is simply against all rational thinking.

Democrats try to force people to do things that are illegals, or they simply want to force people to believe things they want them to believe. They force themselves on others and attack them when they cannot make them see reason.

Mace packing lunatics are a hazard to everyone around them. When Jarrett Kelley and Ash O’Brien set out to have a fun day, they had no clue that they would be attacked by a fearful woman threatening to harm them if they did not put on their masks. This lady was so freakishly possessed that she put herself in harm’s way with her violent and rash actions towards a social distancing couple out enjoying the day.

The woman put her health at risk because of her ignorance of COVID-19. To her, it was like the couple was infectious and out to infect everyone simply because they did not have masks with them. As if a paper mask somehow keeps a person from having the virus. But the paranoid woman kept coming at the couple and certainly violated all social distancing rules. But for her, Democratic overlords had spoken a mask was now supposed to be part of her face.

The young couple that was attacked simply headed out with the puppy to enjoy a lunch in the park. And that is when the trouble started. They were minding their own business, totally social distanced from anyone to the point that no one else could see them, except the crazy lady about to change their day. The wonderful weather made for a happy start, but the demonized party killer was about to strike.

The fear that the liberals are pushing on people makes gullible people crazy. This lady had bought into all of Newsom’s lies and half-truths about the pandemic that she had lost her mind. Walking by the couple she noticed that they did not have a mask on and took it upon herself to enforce rules that no one else was observing.

There was no one else in the park and the crazy cat lady had to approach them to make a scene. What is even mind-boggling is that there is a not eating outside rule in the parks. Newsom has imposed seriously flawed rules on everyone.

But this lady had no right to enforce laws on any other person. All she had to do was leave them alone and distance herself from them. Kelley tried to talk to the woman, and she decided that she needed to spray him in the face with mace because he was coming near her.

Keep in mind that she approached them with a violent intent to harm. OBrien stated that “If we knew there was a no food policy, we wouldn’t have brought it into the park. The lady who maced him automatically started saying stuff about us not wearing a mask when we were social distancing; there was no one near us.”

There was no hello or any other type of greeting. She struck Kelley with mace which landed him in the hospital. It was not like the lazy lady who was going to listen. She grabbed Kelley and used an entire can of mace on him. Once the attempted assault was over the lady made her getaway. But it was discovered that the deed and her license plate were on video. Time will tell what she will face for her criminal attack.

O’Brien stated that “I want her to go to jail, she assaulted my husband, and I’m angry about it. People don’t need to be getting assaulted for not wearing a mask in a public outdoor area.”

Liberals are crazy and they will do just about anything to make a point that they are right and everyone else is wrong. Too bad that they have to live in fear because they have no joy in life right now.