Finally! New York Legislature Strips Cuomo of Emergency Powers After Democrats Can No Longer Allow the Mass Murder of Nursing Home Residents

In other words, we have to wonder if this move took place because of the credible sexual assault allegations that are being made about Governor Cuomo at the moment. Lawmakers have already been discussing the move but since both chambers of the New York legislature are controlled by the Democrats, no one thought that anything would happen.

Governors with solid approval ratings are typically not attacked by their own party, so this is all fairly uncharted territory. They may believe that Cuomo’s approval rating is about to take a major dive and this is their way of getting out in front of that. From henceforth, Cuomo will now be made to answer to the people (or at least New Yorkers are hoping so).

“My understanding is that as early as this Friday we will pass legislation that will repeal the extraordinary powers granted to the Governor last year, provide for an orderly transition through the end of the disaster period, limit any further modifications to directives to that which is necessary to reduce the spread or increase vaccinations and restore the right of counties and municipalities to issue executive orders without seeking state approval,” tweeted Carrie Woerner.

The last bit is the most important of all. Instead of being forced to listen to the powers that be in Albany, New York towns and cities can handle things on a local level. The current orders are going to remain in effect for the moment and they can be modified by Cuomo as needed. The only difference is that he now needs to make these modifications with the assistance of the legislature.

“The legislation will allow current public health directives to stay in place for 30 days following the passing of the legislation. These directives deal with controlling the spread of COVID-19, vaccination efforts and wearing a face covering. The directives can still be extended or modified but certain steps need to take place in order to do so.

The governor will have to notify relevant Senate and Assembly committee chairs as well as the temporary president of the Senate and the speaker of the Assembly with the need for the extension or modification, and the threat to public health and safety, and provide an opportunity to comment. Orders that do not pertain to the COVID-19 pandemic cannot be adjusted.

If a local government is directly impacted by an executive order, the leadership there will have an opportunity to comment on any extension or modification…

The legislation will also allow lawmakers to repeal a declared State of Emergency by joint resolution and will keep disease outbreaks in the definition of disaster situation that can be subject to a state of emergency,” News 10 Albany reports.

This puts the legislature in a difficult position. They are going to have a tough time overriding Cuomo and they could decide that it is easier to allow him to handle things as the pandemic starts to ease. After all, he is the one who is going to take the blame if things do not go according to plan. If the legislature elects to overrule him, they are placing a bigger onus on themselves.

Why would the legislature put a massive target on their backs if they do not have to? Cuomo is already setting an insane double standard to benefit himself. The same governor who said anyone who is accused of sexual assault needs to resign now wants an investigation instead. The Democrats also risk people asking the “why not Joe Biden, too?” question if they force Cuomo out. Reducing crimes this severe to this sort of political theater is a bit ridiculous but this is where the culture is at.