Former ICE Director Says Administration is Lying About Haitians at Border

Conservatives’ fears about the southern border of the United States have proven well worth the emotional angst as the numbers of illegal border crossings and asylum requests continue to skyrocket.

In a shocking and disturbing turn of events within the past few weeks, there has been a strange and monumental influx of refugees from the island nation of Haiti that everyone seems a bit vague on the origin of. The one thing that everyone does agree on is that it’s a problem that can’t be fixed fast enough, and the “border czar,” Vice President Kamala Harris doesn’t seem equipped for the job.

However, the bad news isn’t done yet, according to former acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Tom Homan. And, the bad news delivered so far isn’t the whole story. The former ICE official told Fox News viewers on a “Fox & Friends First” interview on Monday that Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas is holding out on Americans as to the actual gravity of the crisis at the border.

Homan didn’t pull any punches saying that Mayorkas is misleading Americans, following the secretary’s Sunday interview on “Fox News Sunday” with host Chris Wallace about the influx of Haitian migrants in Del Rio, Texas.

In particular, Homan targeted Mayorkas’ answer about how many migrants were in “immigration court proceedings.”

According to the Independent Journal Review’s report on the interview, Homan said of Mayorkas’ comments, “When you say 12,000 are in immigration proceedings, they are not,” Homan said.“That’s what the secretary leads you to believe, but many of them were released on a notice to report. On the notice to report, it clearly says at the bottom of the form, ‘You are not in immigration proceedings. You will not be detained. ICE will not detain you for humanitarian reasons. You are released.’’

Homan explained that the Haitians at the border are “only going to be in immigration proceedings if they chose to voluntarily show up and turn themselves in.” Which, in his professional opinion, the majority of them will not. He said that the secretary is looking to give Americans a false sense of security about the risks.

The former ICE director also said that Mayorkas was not telling the whole truth about the Haitians returning to Mexico, something DHS estimated on Friday to be about 8,000 Haitians who voluntarily went back to Mexico.

“[Mayorkas] realizes they went one or two miles down the line and came into the United States because they surged so many resources to Del Rio that they left 224 miles of border unguarded,” Homan said. “So those 8,000 didn’t just go to Mexico and they’re going to live there. They went down to cross illegally. Those 8,000 are now in the United States, you know, living here illegally,” he added.

Homan painted a bleak picture of what Americans could expect when searching for the truth of what is being allowed at the border of the United States and Mexico. His assertions are backed up by a report in NPR which said that approximately 30,000 Haitian migrants crossed at Del Rio in September. By comparison, the Biden administration reported that around 2,000 Haitians were deported.

What does this mean for Americans? It’s hard to say for the long term. But for the short term, we can expect Democrats to pull out all the stops to make sure these millions of immigrants have the ability to vote and vote Democrat. There is no greater ploy to turn Republicans into the boogeyman than to say that if you don’t vote for us, they’ll kick you out of your new home.