Freedom Convoy Begins To See Results As Provinces Begin To Stand Up to PM Trudeau

Darryl Barton /

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is finding himself in a rough space as the Canadian truckers had enough and staged their Freedom Convoy over the last few weeks. Starting in British Columbia, they took the convoy across the lower Provinces to the PM’s doorstep. While he snuck away to avoid looking these hard-working truckers in the eye, their impression was felt across the land.

Now, he has no choice but to address their concerns as the Province of Alberta has decided enough is enough and has eliminated their vaccine mandates. Upon the release of the news, the Provinces of Saskatchewan, Quebec, and Prince Edward Island have also decided to begin the process of dropping their restrictions.

In Alberta, the relief was felt immediately. At the stroke of midnight on Tuesday the vaccine passport program would be over. On Monday, mask mandates for kids would be removed, as well as restrictions on indoor gatherings and social distancing would also be removed. Saskatchewan would be dropping the vaccine passports as of Monday, and they would not renew the mask mandates past its expiration at the end of the month. Their Premier, Scott Moe said “During that Delta wave, I do believe that the benefits of this policy most certainly did outweigh the costs. But today, as we deal with a very different strain, the Omicron variant, the benefits of this policy no longer outweigh the costs.”

These words are the sound of pure joy to many Canadians, and especially the truckers. Many of them only leave their trucks to get gas, grab a bite to eat, or use the restrooms. As they spend the vast majority of their time inside their trucks, they did not see the point in getting a vaccine that had not been proven, and as of late, has been proven to be of little to no effectiveness.

These patriots were the very people keeping the Canadian economy going, and the laws of their country prevented many from being able to make their usual cross-border runs. The elimination of these runs meant a sharp decline in loads to be transported, and they were faced with choosing between their freedom to make their own medical decision, not providing for their families. The current programs would not allow for them to retain both.

While none of the Premiers would admit the Freedom Convoy had influenced their decisions, it is impossible to imagine a scenario where it didn’t have some impact. Even Joël Lightbound MP for a Quebec City riding had to admit to reporters in Ottawa that enough was enough. “They’re worried that measures which ought to be exceptional and limited in time are being normalized, with no end in sight, like vaccine passports, mandates, and requirements for travelers. They’re worried because they feel it is becoming harder and harder to know where public health stops and where politics begins.”

This is the same struggle governments across the globe have been facing. In countries like France, Australia, and Germany the lockdowns have proven to do little but to inflame an already infuriated public. The idea of having your government controlling your every move in the name of safety is something they had seen in countless films but was now being forced to live. This change is something nobody ever thought would come to fruition, but it has and it has been incredibly dangerous as a result.

Thankfully, the Freedom Convoy has eliminated these concerns, despite the best efforts of the Canadian and American mainstream media who vilified them while openly supporting the BLM and Antifa protests at all levels.