Gasp…Did Ron DeSantis Just Cancel Swimmer Lia Thomas?


Ron DeSantis is one of the most outspoken conservatives in Florida. As the state’s governor, he’s been willing to step up and protect the people from outrageous displays of liberalism. It’s also why he’s been given the nickname of “America’s governor.”

In the past week, we’ve seen how swimming competitions have heated up as a result of transgender swimmer Lia Thomas. The name should sound familiar. The swimmer has been crushing countless records across universities as a female. There’s just one problem – the swimmer is a biological male.

Many doubt whether Lia Thomas actually identifies as a woman or if this was all to rise to fame as a better swimmer. When swimming as a man, Thomas was ranked 554th in the 200 freestyle. Teammates have even come forward to say that Thomas was barely considered a competitive swimmer when he was on the men’s teams.

And suddenly, Thomas is one of the best swimmers in women’s sports? There’s a reason for that – and it’s not because of athleticism. It’s all because of having the muscle and reach of a man – and biological females in the sport simply cannot compete.

DeSantis has had enough. It’s not fair to women. It’s not fair to the future of female sports. And so, he decided to take a page out of the liberal playbook. He chose to embrace the cancel culture.

Let’s see what happened.

Lia Thomas was identified as the winner of the NCAA women’s swimming championship. That swimmer won, but there’s still the question of whether they should be declared as the WOMEN’s champion. Biological females swam their hearts out – and they didn’t get anywhere close to Thomas.

Thomas even had the audacity to say that it was “easy.”

Well, that’s easy when there’s a biological male competing against biological females. Forget about how they’ve chosen to identify in their minds. Forget about any hormone therapy that may have been taken. There are still biological differences.

The Florida Governor saw what was going on. He heard how many people rejected Thomas as the winner due to the swimmer being a biological male.

“If you look at what the NCAA has done in allowing basically men to compete in women’s athletics, and in this case swimming…you had the number one woman who finished was from Sarasota, Emma Weyent.” He went on to call her an “absolute superstar.”

There it is. The governor officially canceled Lia Thomas.

Of course, DeSantis is hearing all sorts of negativity from the LGBTQ community. But, where do you draw the line? At what point do you say that a biological male is enough of a female that they can compete in women’s sports without it being unfair to the biological females?

DeSantis made a comment that likely had to do with Thomas saying that the race was “easy.” He said that competing that that level is difficult and “you don’t just roll out of bed and do it.”

More and more states are choosing to allow transgender athletes. Essentially, they’re destroying women’s sports. A biological female cannot compete against a biological male and have it be a fair fight. There are too many biological factors at play that make the male better.

DeSantis accused the NCAA of destroying women’s athletics and saying, “They’re trying to undermine the integrity of the competition, crowning somebody else the women’s champion, and we think that’s wrong.”

Now that DeSantis has entered the cancel culture, it shows once and for all why he’s America’s governor. He cancels when it’s necessary, and shows the liberals when they are wrong.