George Floyd’s Family Gives Shocking Statement on Police Defunding

All of the looting and protests happening around the country is because of George Floyd’s death, right? Countless groups are burning police precincts to the ground in the name of the man who died at the hands of a racist cop.

All of the protesting and mayhem has also led to the leftist groups deciding that it’s a good idea to defund the police. Let’s go without the police. We don’t need them…right?

George Floyd’s family finally speaks out on the matter. What they have to say may stop some of the protesters in their tracks.

“What I would like is for all police around America to get their jobs and do them the right way, the correct way.”

Philonise Floyd, George Floyd’s brother, chooses to make it known that he wants to keep the police around America as he talks won “America’s News HQ” on Fox.

Wait, the Floyd family doesn’t want to get rid of the police? No. They simply want to make sure that officers are doing their job and maintaining respect for others.

So many activists for Black Lives Matter along with privileged celebrities and elected Democrats are getting louder and louder about defunding the police. All of it started after the death of George Floyd, so it would seem that they go hand in hand.

The Democrat-majority city council of Minneapolis where Floyd died, along with Representative Ilhan Omar, are looking to completely “dismantle” police departments.

Where’s the voice of reason? Why does one death have to lead to the abolishment and dismantlement of police departments?

The voice of reason is coming from George Floyd’s family – but it’s going to require Black Lives Matter and the rest of the protesters to put down their torches long enough to listen.

Floyd’s family wants police departments and communities to c0exist.

Floyd’s family wants to see reform to the system – not a complete disbanding.

This is what needs to happen. The protesters are only destroying cities at this point. They’re not able to evoke change simply by standing on their soapboxes and burning down businesses of innocent people.

It’s all about changing some of the police procedures, including how people are treated while in police custody. They want to make sure what happened to their brother and cousin doesn’t happen to others.

The Floyd family lawyer,  Benjamin Crump, has also made it clear: the push that’s in place to defund police departments across the nation “has not come from Philonise Floyd’s family or anybody working with us.”

Black Lives Matter and the rest of the protesters came up with that on their own.

What the family has to say needs to be heard loud and clear. They’re the ones who lost someone. They’re the ones who have had to watch the country be burned as a result of what happened. They’ve already said that George Floyd wouldn’t have wanted all of this violence. The family knows that two wrongs don’t make a right – and what’s happening right now is more than one wrong.

Philonise Floyd also discussed the “key” instrument for making change – the ballot box. He wants to see change happen, starting with the mayoral races.

There’s a way to appease both sides. The police want the opportunity to continue to protect. The leftist protesters want defunding.

There’s no reason for defunding. There’s no reason for dismantling. Leaving communities without the police is a recipe for disaster – and evidence is being seen in Seattle as to why it’s such a bad idea.

We need the police. However, we also need to ensure that they’re being trained and being held accountable.

With some reforms, it’s possible to make America great again. Until then, the protesters need to pause long enough to hear that what they’re doing needs to stop. They cannot use George Floyd’s death as a reason for doing what they’re doing now that the family has formally come forward to make it clear that they want the police to stay.