Georgia Bill Gives Massive Win to Second Amendment Rights

Reed Means /

As you well know, our Second Amendment rights have been a point of constant deliberation and debate for decades now. On the Right, you have the belief, based on the Constitution our Founding Fathers created, that every individual should and does have the right to “keep and bear arms,” whether for self-protection or sporting use.

But, on the political Left, they are prone to believe that this is more of a privilege we should get permission to use. And that is why they are strongly against any state or leader who believes that “constitutional carry,” as it is known, is wrong.

If you’ve never heard of the term, it’s basically the idea, which has turned into law in many states over the years, where law-abiding citizens shouldn’t be obligated to obtain a permit to legally carry a firearm in public.

Georgia is the most recent state to have made this their own and the 25th to do so.

On Tuesday, the state’s General Assembly passed the bill just before adjourning from its 2022 session. And their Republican Governor Brian Kemp has promised to sign it into law soon.

According to a Twitter post made by Kemp last week, he “look(s) forward to signing the Georgia Constitutional Carry Act of 2021 into law soon and fulfilling another promise I made to the voters of this state.”

Naturally, Democrats in the state, particularly those such as one of the most infamously known sore losers and failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams aren’t at all thrilled with this news. In fact, to give you an idea of just how much Abrams despises it, she has taken to calling the soon-to-be-signed law “criminal carry.”

And her fellow party members have, of course, turned this into quite a campaign talking point ahead of the upcoming midterm election cycle, with several TV and social media ads attacking Kemp and the Republicans’ willingness to supposedly make the state’s communities less safe.

The very first ad, in fact, put out by the Democratic Party of Georgia does just this, saying that “Brian Kemp may talk tough, but he’d make us less safe. Because the last place we need more criminals with guns is here.” This is said by a former patrol officer standing outside of a school.

Additionally, the ad says that 70% of Georgians disagree with the law and that it will only “make it easier for criminals” to carry, traffic, and use loaded weapons on the public.

There’s just one not-so-small problem with their fear-mongering, however. (Well, actually, several issues…)

The first is that saying that you don’t have to have a permit to carry a gun doesn’t do much to dissuade criminals from carrying weapons. Their title of criminal, by definition, implies that they don’t give one whit what they are legally allowed or not allowed to do. They will do it whether they have the government’s permission or not.

And when it comes to keeping our schools safer, how many of those who brought guns to school in the past were concerned with getting caught without a permit? Umm, no one. If you ask me, they had far more serious things on their mind.

Secondly, their whole bit about how this means fewer background checks are being done is bologna. This doesn’t change the fact that a background check is performed when you go to buy a gun. It just means that if you own a gun, you can carry it.

Then, let’s look at states who have had a constitutional carry law in place for a while now. You know, states like Alaska, Maine, Idaho, Vermont, and 21 others now. (That’s right, a whopping 25 states, or half of the entire country, now have constitutional carry laws in place.) These states tend to have much lower crime rates, not just where gun violence is concerned.

Why? Because criminals or even those who may have turned down that road are less likely to commit a crime when they know that just about everyone around them could be legally armed and ready to make them pay for their crimes.

In comparison, states with strict gun laws like New York, Illinois, and California, have some of the worst crime rates overall…

By this logic alone, it’s clear that constitutional carry isn’t making our communities less safe. In fact, it’s doing quite the opposite. But, of course, those like Abrams don’t want to see that, so they won’t…