Good Luck With That! Sullivan Warns Reporters Not to Grandstand at Biden’s First Press Conference

Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan is looking to lay the necessary groundwork for the first Joe Biden press conference and we are highly amused already. What’s the problem? She is worried that the media is going to be more worried about showing off their lack of bias.

You see, Sullivan’s concern is a simple one. She thinks that the reporters are going to be more worried about proving that they are able to give Biden a hard time. There are a lot of people who believe that the mainstream media won’t be willing to ask the tough questions in the same manner that they used to.

“Joe Lockhart, a press secretary under President Bill Clinton, fears the press corps won’t be able to resist walking in with the mentality of, “We’re gonna show all the MAGA people we can be just as tough on Biden as we were on Trump,” the Post shares. That makes at least some small measure of sense but we think its a bit overblown.

There’s no way that the media could ever be as hard on Biden as they were on Trump. It’s just not possible. They spent four years watching that man like a hawk, making sure that we knew about every little transgression. Biden’s already ditching work for nap time and instigating a border crisis, with hardly a peep.

To be fair, the mainstream media has been more willing to cover the border crisis than we expected but that does not mean that things are equal and fair. The Post goes on to acknowledge this.

“The burgeoning number of migrants — including thousands of children — is a legitimate concern and a valid story. But much of the news media seems to be using it to show that they intend to present Biden in just as critical a light as they often did Trump — regardless of whether that’s deserved.

Of course, the administration hasn’t helped this dynamic by refusing news media access to government detention facilities,” they shared. It’s hard to justify this decision to shroud the border crisis in secrecy. It makes us wonder what the media is thinking. We went from Trump transparency to Biden’s hiding and it’s a tough trade off to make.

Sullivan is worried that the media might be tough on Biden, during a time when the media needs to be tough on Biden. Let that sink in for a moment. “I know that there is plenty for the media to grill him about but I very much prefer that they did not,” she’s saying. It’s quite the take and we cannot believe that she felt good about sharing it publicly.

Of course, that is not nearly as tone deaf as the paragraph that we are about to share with you. It’s astonishing that an editor laid eyes on this and allowed it to run. “For the White House press corps, there’s also a temptation to play to the crowd. Every TV reporter has to be thinking about the 10-second clip of their question that might be used on Thursday’s newscast, establishing them as the star du jour who bravely challenged the president,” Sullivan says. What on earth is she talking about?

In so many words, she is worried about the next Jim Acosta. In fact, she might be worried about Acosta himself. After all, he’s the reporter who arguably has the most to prove when it comes to showing off how impartial he can be. If this is the case, why doesn’t she just name names and stop being so silly about it? There’s no need to be vague.

It’s also odd to be this anxious over something that you have no control over. After four years of watching reporter after reporter try to make a name for themselves by challenging Trump, the left needs to have a nice taste of their own medicine. The tables could be turning in a major way.