GOP Senator Blocks Dem’s Effort to Push Gun Bill

The lazy left is always on the lookout to take the rights of the people that are guaranteed by the Second Amendment. Every time there is a shooting at a school or a store, the Democrats try to push gun control and disarmament of the people that are responsible enough to use the guns.

The nasty Democrats tried again to pass a bill that would require background checks. The bill was drafted only after another shooting took place at a California school. But thankfully there was a Republican in the room that showed it violated the Second Amendment and kept it from coming to a vote.

The Democrat to blame this time is Chris Murphy who is out of Connecticut. He believes that people everywhere need to have a universal background check performed on them before they can buy a gun. Murphy insisted that the bill be passed by unanimous consent so it could happen without a vote.

For a bill to pass with unanimous consent there must not be any person that speaks out against it. If there are no objections, then the bill would simply be passed and send for signing. Under such conditions, there is no debate and several steps are skipped to see that it passes.

This attempt by Murphy was just another deception played by the Democrat to strip Americans of their rights. He would go on to say in the House that “We can’t go 24 hours without news of another mass shooting somewhere in America. My kids and millions’ others hide in corners of their classroom or in their bathrooms preparing for a mass shooting at their school, and this body does nothing about it.”

He makes an effort to paint the picture that the kids of Americans are cowering in a corner hoping not to get shot by would-be gun owners. Reality says that the kids go on with their lives and do not cower in the corner every day.

Cindy Hyde-Smith is the hero that blocked the bill from slipping through. She brought up the point that the bill should not be allowed to be “exempt from consideration by the appropriate committee of jurisdiction.” Her point is that debate and arguments needed to be heard before any vote could take place.

She went on to protest that “Legislation that would affect the rights of American citizens under the Second Amendment should not be fast-tracked by the Senate. If this so-called common-sense bipartisan legislation was indeed crafted with strong bipartisan input, it shouldn’t have any problems advancing by regular order. Many questions about this legislation need to be answered before it’s forced upon law-abiding gun owners.” Her point is exactly what is needed in the legislature today. Someone willing to represent the whole instead of personal agendas.

Murphy would protest and cry about Smith’s arguments. He would cry that “I can’t get a piece of legislation to the floor in any other way other than to offer this motion.” Crybaby Murphy is what he needs to be called. He cried that the Republicans control all the committee’s and he cried some more when he stated, “And the American public are not going to accept silence from this body week after week, month after month, in the face of this epidemic carnage that is happening across this country.”

As if there are killings on mass proportions happening every single day around the country. The truth is that these events are rare. These are tragic when it happens, but it does not mean the country needs to jump to an extreme just because one kid out of millions of others got ahold of a gun.

Murphy is frustrated that his devilish agenda and propaganda is not making its way into the public. He also whined that “We have to fix this. There are bills that are currently being blocked in (Senate Majority Leader Mitch) McConnell’s Senate that would do something about this epidemic.”

The only epidemic that needs to be fixed is the one that he has helped create. He has allowed the poison of liberalism to destroy the foundation of America. It’s a good thing Cindy Hyde-Smith is around to stop it from happening even more.