Governor Abbott Throws His Support Behind Anti-Biden Statement and the Crowd Loves It

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The country is ready for a change in Washington, not seen since Donald Trump destroyed Hillary Clinton in 2016. Trump was the first time in many elections that the country voted for a people’s president. He was not bound to obey special interest groups or be controlled by political parties. He stood for the will of the people and did everything that they expected him to do. Which is the reason the Democrats hated him so severely. They could not accept a man that allowed people to be true Americans.

The Democrats resorted to questionable election behaviors in an attempt to rig the election. Donald Trump received more votes than any other president in American history. But that fact is lost to duplicate votes counted on behalf of Joe Biden. He has proven himself to be a man of money instead of a man of the people.

Voters all around the country from both sides of politics want to see the man removed from office. Protestors have devised a way to show their disdain for the man by coming up with the “Let’s Go, Brandon” chant. The saying has a deep meaning explained By Governor Greg Abbott when Amanda House interviewed him from Breitbart.

Abbott has formally adopted the saying. He came out and cited to House the statement “Let’s Go, Brandon.” Of course, that’s the nicest way to say “F*** Joe Biden.”

Joe Biden’s policies are ticking people off all around the country. They are tired of his betrayals, pointless mask mandates, lies, failure to protect Americans, and the inability to secure the southern border. Abbott stated that the statement allows Biden to know just how angry people are with him.

Abbott told House that “People are angry. People who come to these stadiums, who want to gather and celebrate a great American tradition like college football, and you have Joe Biden trying to shut things down and shut people out and you got Fauci saying you got to stay home until Christmas or whenever — and it’s just ludicrous the policies that Joe Biden is advancing.”

The old president stands for socialism, and Americans do not want to live under a system of government that supports a dictator while at the same time killing people off because they cannot afford to buy food for their families.

The amount of anger that is accumulating around the country is enormous. People gather together, and all they can do is chant the statement together to voice their disdain for Biden.

And what is funny about the development of the chant is that the liberal media help brings it into existence. RedState reported that an NBC reporter “purposefully misrepresented a NASCAR crowd that was chanting ‘F*** Joe Biden’ as ‘Let’s Go, Brandon.’” The liberal media helped bring about a chant that tells Joe Biden where he can go and what he can do with himself. And the great thing is it can be said around little kids without them hearing the actual words behind its meaning.

Governor Greg Abbott has been vocal about the betrayal of Joe Biden because his state is taking the brunt of the southern border crisis. Hundreds of thousands of illegals keep pouring into Texas, and Biden is doing nothing about it.

Abbott has taken the challenge and stated that Texas would finish building the wall and securing their border part. They stand on the frontlines protecting Americans from the madness of Biden.

The only way the Democrats can fight back against millions of people gathering and chanting the statement is to keep them from getting together. And the only way they can do that is by pushing a pandemic that died out months ago.

Americans are telling Biden that they will not allow him to control their lives. They want nothing to do with the unconstitutional terrorism that he wants to impose on every American. Even members of his party have looked him boldly in the face and sided with Republicans to stop the onslaught of bills laced with poisonous socialism from being passed. They have all have chanted, “Let’s go, Brandon.”