Gross: Former FBI Lawyer Suing Over Privacy Allegations During Affair

Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page is filing a lawsuit against the Justice Department and the FBI for allegedly violating the Privacy Act when her text messages were released between her and former FBI agent Peter Strzok.  The lawsuit will be filed in the District Court for the District of Columbia.

There are “multiple improper reasons,” according to Page, the personal text messages were released to the news media.  She stated the messages were used to side with President Trump when he attacked the DOJ and former Attorney General Jeff Sessions publicly.  Either way, the entire world knew about the relationship between Strzok and Page once the cat was out of the bag.  It showed the corruption within the FBI.

The lawsuit stated, “They did so by summoning DOJ beat reporters to the Department to review the messages at night, prohibiting the reporters from copying or removing the set of messages from the building, and instructing them not to reveal DOJ as the source.”  It calls the approach “inconsistent with the traditional disclosure process for materials in the public interest.”

It is a difficult thing to take this case seriously.  All claims should be examined beforehand, but this may just be another “Young and the Restless” soap opera waste of time.  Trump had targeted Page since the world found out about the affair between her and Strzok and said the whole charade was “politically motivated” when the investigations of his campaign were happening.

The two love birds were also very critical and unprofessional in the handling of the situation.  Maybe it was because they were bored due to the lack of evidence against Trump, they had to fester up a relationship.  Who knows?  Trump was cleared of all allegations, and both Strzok and Page were both fired.

The lawsuit continued to say, “Indeed, prior to the disclosure on December 12, DOJ and/or FBI officials could not in good faith have determined that public disclosure was warranted on that basis, given the preliminary nature of [the office of inspector general’s] review of the text messages.

Nor would agency officials acting in good faith and with a reasonable basis for the lawfulness of their conduct have released the messages in the manner that officials chose here: ushering reporters to DOJ premises after business hours; allowing them to view, but not copy or remove, the set of messages; and forbidding them from sourcing the material to DOJ.”

With the disclosure of the records, Page wrote, it “has damaged her reputation to the point of permanent loss of earning capacity, cost of childcare during investigative interviews and appearances before Congress, and costs related to protecting her personal information and therapy related to harassment caused by the disclosure.”  Boohoo!

Along with her personal life coming to light through the airwaves of the news media, she added fuel to the fire when she tweeted, “I sued the Department of Justice and FBI today.  I take little joy in having done so. But what they did in leaking my messages to the press was not only wrong, it was illegal.”

We have another case, which hopefully they remain responsible for their own accord.  Taxpayers and good citizens are always the ones to suffer through all of this.  It is time all of these idiots learn how to “let sleeping dogs lie.”  Since President Trump won the election in 2016, there has been nothing but senseless cases clogging the justice system and wasting people’s time.

The chances are high; this may get thrown out of court.  The insubordinate of the two love birds will most likely be taken into consideration long before any ruling will be made.  Should the case go on, it will no doubt turn into another Left Wing circus act.  The way things have been turning out for the Democrats if they cannot find something to convict or accuse and stick it to Trump. They hit below the belt.

There is nothing on the professional side; they can attack legitimately, so they turn toward the personal attacks and act like a bunch of kindergarten kids.  This time, they are trying to milk the money machine in hopes of winning a ridiculous lawsuit brought upon by only themselves.  Deceit always finds a way to shine through.

There is an old saying, “If you don’t want people to talk about you, don’t give them something to talk about.”  That is precisely what Page and Strzok did.  Let them reap what they sow.  They deserve each other.