Gun Confiscation is Already Happening in One Liberal State

Komsan Somthi /

The recent shootings around the country have been like candy to the Democratic Party. Joe Biden and his liberal followers have not even taken the time to convey their condolences to any families. All they have done is pushed their anti-American agenda for more gun control laws. There is no other option in their sick minds. And now that the issue of the Second Amendment is in the news, lower-level governmental liberals are taking guns from people and violating the Constitutional rights of those people.

The New York liberals have found a law that allows them to enter a home and remove all weapons from a person. The method used by the liberals is known as a “red flag” order. In Suffolk County, New York, any person that admits they attempted to harm themselves or others with a gun, the state can come in and seize those weapons.

The idea behind the law is to keep guns away from people who are considered high risk. They want to keep guns away from people having difficulty in their lives. The problem with that approach is that it takes away the rights of other citizens to own guns. But the liberals promote the law as a benefit to society instead of a way of getting what they want.

Newsbreak reported that “On Thursday, President Joe Biden implored Congress to pass a federal red flag law, although such measures face stiff resistance from Republicans who contend the red flag process can be abused to take away an innocent person’s fundamental right to own guns. There are also negotiations in Washington on offering incentives for more states to pass red flag laws — New York is one of 19 that has one, along with the District of Columbia.”

The exceptions to the Second Amendment are just another way that the Democrats have littered the issue with how they can remove guns from the American population. The liberals will never be able to take over the country as long as the people can defend themselves.

In Suffolk County alone, there have been over 100 cases of red flag interventions that have taken place. But what is not being reported is that there has not been any attempt to help the troubled person in those situations because such programs do not exist. Officials show up at the door, remove all the guns, and leave the troubled person to struggle on their own.

Newsbreak also reported that “Initiated by police officers, school officials and panicked family members, the Suffolk County cases sounded a drumbeat of domestic mayhem and potential disaster. They led to the removal of more than 160 guns, including at least five military-style rifles. They involve at least 22 people under age 25, including 11 minors.”

Most of the people involved in the red flag orders were young. They are part of a generation that the liberals targeted with their poison. They got these young people to believe that they are full of mental issues. And by getting them to believe the lies, they also got them to resist the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. And now the liberals can walk right up and take away the freedoms protected by the Constitution.

Once a red flag order is given, the police must show up and demand that all the guns be removed from the home. They walk into a situation that could turn violent or remain peaceful. They do not know what to expect. But no one expects a Democrat to understand or even care about the danger that their red flag order nonsense is putting people into.

It does not take much for a red flag order to be issued, either. All it takes is one report of a disturbed person, and the police can enter the home and remove all the weapons. This is dramatically different from the red flag laws in Florida, where a judge has to make the order. And failure to comply will involve legal action against the innocent parties. The liberals love the loophole because a few more people will not have the ability to defend themselves once a Democrat gives the order to overthrow the country.

This is a terrifying concept and one we have to be cautious about.