Hamas Celebrates Bombing of Israel on Twitter and Dorsey Cheerfully Chimes In

A few months ago, Twitter made an announcement that rocked the conservative community and is still having major reverberations. They let the world know that Donald Trump was kicked off the platform. They even took it one step further and said that he would never be allowed back.

The leader of the free world not being allowed to use a free platform is bad enough as it is. Now, they are placing their hypocrisy on full display with their willingness to celebrate harmful posts from other world leaders. The leader of the Hamas group is living proof of this.

They are responsible for the bombing of innocent citizens in Israel and Twitter does not seem to care at all. Meanwhile, the same platform had Trump removed within days of the 2020 election. If this does not strike you as being very fair or equitable to Trump, you are not alone with that assessment.

Trump could not be allowed to stay because he would simply make the liberals feel too bad. Jack Dorsey could not have that on his watch, could he? Twitter has rapidly become an echo chamber for all things liberal and if you try to inject common sense into the proceedings, you are booted from the platform. It’s really that easy to understand.

“The leader of Hamas is currently on Twitter encouraging fellow jihadis to take to the streets and take up arms against Israel. Twitter, however, is safe from Donald Trump. Thank goodness,” Jordan Schachtel tweeted. We could not agree more. It’s like Jack has no idea what the actual issues are on his platform.

Hamas and various other terrorist groups are terrorizing Israel but Jack is more worried about whether the mean orange man is allowed to share his various thoughts. He really had to put his foot down. Now that he’s not president anymore, he might start touching on some real hot-button topics.

We all know that Trump loves his pop culture and his hot takes. Perhaps he would have said something rude about Diet Coke again….gasp! “They kicked Donald Trump off of Twitter. Meanwhile, the leader of Hamas is on this platform celebrating “the bombing of Tel Aviv,” Schachtel continued. Again, he is making solid points.

The worst part of all, in our humble opinion, is that Twitter is an American company. They should never be siding with foreign terrorists over their own president. You can disagree with Trump all you want but there’s no reason to take it to this extent. That’s something that is totally lost on Jack Dorsey.

This horrible company needs to be shut down until they learn how to operate in America but we know that is never going to happen as long as Jack is in charge. Now, all those who have their own voice and a clear conscience are left to wonder if they can even voice their thoughts anymore. Facebook is up to the same shenanigans, so there’s no reprieve to be had over there either.

Anyone who is standing with Trump or conservative thinkers in general is being flushed off the platforms and we are tired of it. We live in a country where free speech is supposed to be protected. Those who cannot remain on board with this are the ones who should be getting kicked out of their accounts. They would rather reward liberals for parroting their woke favorites all day.

That’s why we must all take a stand and leave Twitter on our own accord. Let’s face it, we were fine without these sites and apps before they came along and we can reclaim our online existence whenever we like. There are also no shortage of conservative hubs where we can still get our thoughts out without fear of reprisal. It’s not like any of us are forced to keep logging into these prisons. Free speech is still free speech, whether they like it or not.