Hard to Believe! University of Oklahoma Staffers Trained to Censor and Indoctrinate – Not a Joke (Video)

Colleges and universities used to exist as fun ways for kids to find themselves as they furthered their education. You would have heated political discussions with your friends and classmates (possibly over a few beers) and everyone would still be friends by the end of it. Nowadays, things are much, much different.

It is almost impossible to have a civil discussion in any American school without the cancellation police showing up to tell you to stop. Now that these schools have turned into indoctrination factories, it is hard to see a way forward for any of them. The University of Oklahoma has decided to wedge themselves at the forefront of this conversation, for reasons that do not make sense to anyone.

Instructors are now openly discussing ways to keep students from expressing ideas that they do not agree with. Free speech is being suppressed and you can only speak openly if you are believed to be a progressive. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education has now gotten its hands on some new recordings. Be prepared for what you are about to hear because these tapes are sure to have you speechless.

The FIRE Newsdesk has more:

“Do you question whether refusing to use preferred pronouns is hate speech? You can’t — writing on that topic is “not acceptable.”

Think Black Lives Matter shouldn’t engage in property destruction? We’ll have to “re-adjust” your thinking.

If you’re a student at the University of Oklahoma — congratulations! Your instructor may already have done all of the thinking for you. But beware: Deviating too far from an instructor’s personal opinions can cost you.

A recording of an “Anti-Racist Rhetoric & Pedagogies” workshop acquired by FIRE raises alarm bells about the state of free expression and freedom of conscience at Oklahoma’s flagship university…

“Anti-Racist Rhetoric and Pedagogies” is one of nine professional development workshops for instructors and grad students at OU. Held on April 14, it featured three faculty presenters teaching instructors how to foster an anti-racist environment in their classrooms. But it’s not just racism the presenters encourage participants to root out.

One of the workshop leaders, Kelli Pyron Alvarez, explained in the recording how undergraduate students in one of her introductory English courses are “a little bit more emboldened to be racist” (17:17). To combat this, she forbids huge swaths of classroom speech, including “derogatory remarks, critiques, and hate speech,” as well as “white supremacist ideas or sources,” unless the student is using those sources to dismantle racism.’

The audio is berserk and we cannot believe what we are hearing. America has allowed our entire system of higher education to fall to pieces. At this point, we have to wonder what the point is of even sending a conservative-leaning child to college. They are going to be ostracized, treated like dirt and then eventually cast out entirely.

No child should ever go through this type of experience. College is supposed to provide children with the chance to expand their horizons, without their current views being trampled on. If students are unable to handle the idea of mingling with others who have different points of view, perhaps they are the ones who need to leave.

This is not an idea that anyone is willing to put forth, though. Instead, all of society’s ills are blamed on conservative thinkers who are supposedly responsible for every evil thing that happens. This removes all of the responsibility from liberal thinkers and allows them to exist in a world with zero accountability.

These professors and the universities that employ them are not creating an environment where the fair exchange of thoughts and ideas can take place. This is why no one takes them seriously. It’s a violation of free speech and no one should be willing to tolerate it. Conservatives need to start avoiding these schools in droves, so that they can feel our wrath in a way that truly matters. These schools need a swift kick in the wallet to remind them of what’s really important.