Harris Can’t See Past Tomorrow, Let Alone the 2024 Ticket

Isaac Hoops / shutterstock.com
Isaac Hoops / shutterstock.com

Politicians are sharp. Often, they’re also manipulative, which is why they’re always planning two or three steps ahead. Nancy Pelosi knows what she’s doing in two years and likely even four years. Kevin McCarthy is already planning two to eight years ahead with plans to become House Speaker and maybe even president. The same can be said of every major politician in DC. They have plans and they’re happy to share those plans. There’s nothing wrong with being ambitious.

We would expect the same level of planning and ambition out of our current Vice President. Kamala Harris clearly knew she wanted into the White House when she ran as a presidential candidate while she was a sitting senator.

Now, though, she can’t seem to see past tomorrow. And why is that? She should be looking to hold onto her position as VP at the very least…if not bumping Biden out to take the grand prize.

During a recent interview on NBC’s “Today,” host Craig Melvin asked a very simple question. He wanted to know if she thought the 2024 Democratic ticket would be the same.

She paused, then said that she and Biden are “thinking about today.”

Oh, please. This is such a canned response. It also means that we’re left to our own thoughts on the issue.

First, it means that she doesn’t think the ticket will be the same. If she thought it would be the same, why not go ahead and say so? After all, that would be the easiest way to offer peace of mind to Democratic voters. Biden has already said that he plans to run for a second term. It would be natural for the two to stay as a duo.

If Biden were to stay on the ticket, it’s possible that Kamala Harris would get kicked to the curb because she’s been completely useless. Her approval ratings are in the toilet, and she knows it. She couldn’t win the presidential primaries on her own in 2020, so it’s unlikely that she will in 2024 considering she’s a horrible VP. It’s just proof that the American people knew what they were doing when they voted her down as a possible president.

Second, it means that there’s a possibility that Biden might not even be on the ticket. There may be a lot of behind-the-scenes planning for him to retire or even get the 25th thrown at him to put Kamala Harris in charge before we even get to 2024. Obviously, that could change things quite a bit. However, with Harris in charge, it would mean that there’s even a less likely chance for her to show up on the 2024 ticket as people will be desperate to get her booted by then.

Harris continued to answer Melvin’s question by saying “I know why you’re asking the question because this is part of the punditry and the gossip around places like Washington, D.C. Let me just tell you something – we’re focused on the things in front of us. We’re focused on what we need to do to address issues like affordable childcare –”

Whoa, let’s stop there for a second. She thinks that’s the top issue in America? Well, no wonder why her approval rating is dropping like a lead balloon. Inflation, COVID, and so much more hits the radar higher than affordable childcare for so many Americans.

Melvin didn’t want to leave well enough alone. He asked if she’d heard the rumors about a Biden-Cheney ticket, which means that Liz Cheney would show the GOP the ultimate betrayal and prove once and for all that she’s a RINO.

Harris’s response? She didn’t read that article and said, “I really could care less about the high-class gossip on these issues.”

Perhaps she should start looking at her future sooner rather than later. If her rating drops much more, the GOP might decide to oust her once they gain control in 2022.