Harris to Take Care of Border Problem? Big Mistake, Big, Huge.

Often, we don’t know where a VP sits on many important issues. They become a package deal with the president, so it’s assumed that they have similar views.

With Kamala Harris, we know exactly where she stands on certain issues. Since she ran in the presidential primaries alongside Joe Biden, it was clearly highlighted where she stood.

She was interested in tearing the border wall down.

She was eager to restructure ICE or abolish it altogether.

She was in support of a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million immigrants already living in the country.

She wanted to spend government money to offer undocumented immigrants health plans.

If it were up to Kamala Harris, she’d open the borders. Come one, come all. She’d provide pathways to citizenship and give them as much government money as necessary to take care of all of their problems.

When Joe Biden made a mess of the border, migrants were entering at too rapid of a pace. They were bringing over entire families. They were bringing COVID with them. They were making it impossible to track everyone, overwhelming border patrol agents.

Rather than be the president that Americans elected him to be, he chose to take the cowardice route. He looked to his VP and said, “deal with it.”

He handed the role of dealing with immigration over to Kamala Harris. The same Kamala Harris who just told America how she’d be in support of open borders. We already know that she wants to destroy America with her liberal ideology – and Biden just gave her the capability of doing it.

What was he thinking? He wasn’t. This is the first president to not think about any of his actions. He does it because he doesn’t have the means of thinking anything through. He acts first, points the finger second.

As John Kennedy, a Republican Senator from Louisiana recently visited the U.S.-Mexico border with several other senators. He said that there were no words to describe what he saw – thousands and thousands of people flooding in across the borders.

As for Kennedy’s thoughts on Harris being the one to handle the root causes of the immigration crisis?

“Putting the vice president in charge of solving this problem is like making El Chapo the drug czar.”

That about covers it.

She’s not going to solve the problem. To her, there is no problem.

These people have left their homes in war-torn and socialist countries to seek political asylum.

Well, that’s the story that we’re being told, anyway.

If that were the case, everyone would be coming with their families. Instead, many are taking care of themselves. They’re leaving family members behind.

Biden announced before even being inaugurated that he would work on a pathway to citizenship for anyone who was in the country by January 1. That’s when the caravans began making their way. What we’re seeing now are those who are simply late to the party.

They had to come up with a bit more money to pay the Mexican drug lords who are handling the human smuggling.

Why wouldn’t they want to enter the U.S.? They’ll get free healthcare. They’ll get free money through Social Security, even though they didn’t pay into it. And, they’ll get on WIC, welfare, and other programs that are funded by taxpayer dollars. And since they’re illegal, they won’t have Social Security cards – which means they also won’t be paying taxes.

It’s amazing…if you’re an illegal alien.

If you’re an American citizen, you have to be outraged. Right now, illegal immigrants are being treated better than the homeless Americans found in every major city in the country.

As for things getting better, they won’t. Kamala Harris is the one dealing with the “crisis.” There is no crisis according to her. She and her liberal buddies are laughing in their high rises as they realize they’ve been given permission to singlehandedly destroy the country – and Biden let her do it.