Heartless Democrat Rails on DeSantis for Helping His Wife Battle Cancer

Leonard Zhukovsky / shutterstock.com
Leonard Zhukovsky / shutterstock.com

The nasty attacks coming from the liberal left seem to be never-ending. They are constantly looking for ways to bash Republicans who threaten the liberal agenda. They take no thought about the issues or what the other party may be going through. They take their cheap shots and expect no retaliation or backlash against them. And such is the case for Nikki Fried, who attacked Governor Ron DeSantis for taking care of his wife, who has cancer.

Bigmouth Nikki Fried attacked DeSantis because, in her mind, the governor should be in his office or out giving a speech now that the new COVID-19 variant is making its way around the state of Florida. Fried thinks that DeSantis should leave his wife in the cancer care unit, hold hands with people, and think of ways to do away with the virus.

Her tweet came over the New Year’s Eve holiday. It was a typical Democratic way of trying to gain a political advantage over her competition in the upcoming election for governor in Florida. Fried tweeted that “As governor, I’ll show up.” She thinks that Ron DeSantis is another Kamala Harris who refuses to get out of the basement and do the elected job.

DeSantis has done more than his fair share to protect Floridians and combat the effects of the COVID-19 virus. And Ron DeSantis is a man of action even while helping his sick wife through a horrible disease that Nikki Fried is heartlessly attacking. Fried thinks that just showing up at a rally is enough to make a difference, but there must be action, or nothing will ever change.

The Democrats as a party are promoting the idea that DeSantis is missing from the action all because he has not put his face in front of a camera for nearly two weeks. And as always, they were put to shame when Christina Pushaw, who is DeSantis’s press secretary, provided the proof that the governor is very much active with his job as governor. The Democrats have shown once again that they have no clue what is happening in the world.

The response to Nikki Fried has been overwhelming. The sadistic liberal has shot herself and destroyed her political aspirations by opening her mouth and attacking a family struggling to help one of their own lives. Erick Erickson is a radio host, and he defended DeSantis by stating that “The Governor was with his wife for her cancer treatment. This is gross stuff. He showed up where it mattered most. It kills me I can’t go with my wife to her oncology visits because of hospital guidelines. I’m glad DeSantis was able to be with his wife.”

On some level of decency, political opponents need to realize that there needs to be compassion and help extended to others as human beings. And it should not matter what their political affiliations are. But when a room full of Democrats thinks they are the center of the universe and all others are worthless dogs, their hatred and abuse will never end.

John Cardillo, a political commentator, even brought out Fried’s dirty little secret by stating, “This trash lowlife knows DeSantis was with his wife at her cancer treatment. Hey @NikkiFriedFL, remember when you showed up at Ft. Lauderdale PD and abused your office to cover the domestic between you and your now fiancé?”

Nikki Fried was just one of many liberals who failed to fact-check the rumors about Ron DeSantis and what he was up to. The wicked witch of the north, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, opened her mouth and blasted the Floridian governor for caring for his wife. The dirty AOC left her city and fled to the state of Florida because the region was filling up with COVID-19 infections.

She would have a piece of humble pie served to her as the governor and his campaign would welcome her to freedom and poke that the state was free because of the leadership of Ron DeSantis. The nasty AOC stated she wanted to come and help organize things in response. Another liberal is showing up in another state when she should be doing plenty of organizing back in her district.