Here They Are to Save the Day…Liberal Social Workers

George Gascon is the County District Attorney for Los Angeles County. His idea puts lives in danger and makes absolutely no sense at all. And somehow, he got the LA Metro headache, Stephanie Wiggins, to join him in the quest to socialize law enforcement.

Wiggins and Gascon have agreed that the police will no longer be required to monitor or patrol the Metro system. There will be no need to approach the homeless person or suspicious person selling drugs because the two smurfs have a plan.

Wiggins stated that “Under my leadership, we will pursue new and more effective ways of addressing homelessness. We will address unhoused people on our system with compassion and dignity. We will collaborate with our city and community partners and social services.” The social worker is going to somehow talk the person into doing the right thing.

These people do not want to talk. They want to be left alone. They want to sell their drugs and rip people off in peace. And now that the police will be absent in the system, the homeless and criminals can move right on in. The Democrats just opened up their next buffet where innocent people can be tormented and abused.

The police will be the second line of defense. So, when a suspect pulls a gun, the social worker will be sent in first with a clipboard and pen in an attempt to survey the suspect into a peaceful demeanor. And when the clipboard has a bullet hole in it, then the police will be dispatched, and the Democrats can be held accountable for the death of the social worker.

The new team being praised as a significant breakthrough by liberals will be made up of mental health experts, formerly homeless people, and other “key” people. Their goal is to offer alternatives to the homeless man or a different path to honest living for the drug dealer.

The thought of a social worker dealer with a violent criminal is laughable. The criminal only knows violence. That person will be grateful for the hostage that civil authorities have provided for them to use as bait. But there is not one liberal thinking about the safety of the social worker.

The violent homeless person might understand if the person sitting down next to them has been where they are at. Or they might attack them to protect their stuff. Wiggins thinks the move is a great idea because he is not put in harm’s way.

The insanity of the idea is because Wiggins wants to see the transportation system used by many younger people. That sounds like a great idea, except they failed to research why young people stay off public transportation. The passengers realize that the system was not safe before the ignorant switch-up was made. And they know it will not be any better afterward.

Wiggins stated that she wants a “system they can be proud of, one they want to ride and (be) personally invested in.” She needs to stop patronizing the criminals and start focusing on the safety of the riders. People want to know they are safe and not have to rely on a social worker to pick up the mantel because some liberals removed the police from doing their job.

The insanity of what the Democratic leaders want in Los Angeles is nuts. Talking to a criminal about standing down is like trying to talk to a toddler in a candy store throwing a fit after being told they could not have any sugar before lunch. There is not one thing that will come out of this idea except a lot of Democratic embarrassment.