Hispanics are Voting Republican in Record Numbers…They Love Their Macho-Man

Donald Trump descended the steps of Air Force One to the tune of the Village People’s “Macho Man.” Much to the delight of his overly-enthusiastic fanbase he even busted a couple of dance moves.

Feeling invigorated after kicking his bout of COVID-19 to the curb, Trump displayed the picture of health as he dove into a relentless hour of non-stop ramblings, proving once and for all, he’s more than up to the task that lies ahead should he win his reelection bid.

Trump’s drive, ambition, and devil-may-care attitude are what appeals to his fervent and loyal band of patriots who would follow their leader off of a cliff if he so directed it. They are well aware of the type of machismo it takes to run a great nation like America, and Donald Trump is the only guy who has what it takes to successfully pull it off.

Large gender gaps between men and women Trump supporters exist among white voters, senior citizens, and voters with no college degree. Though men are at the primary core of Donald Trump’s support system, perhaps there are no supporters more adamant about the man’s abilities to tackle the bull by the horns than Hispanic males.

Latino and Hispanic men are traditionally known for being robust and vocal in terms of standing strong for their beliefs. They don’t back down and there is no changing their minds on issues of importance to them. This attribute has them clinging to Trump as a man’s man. A no-BS kind of guy. Unapologetic. Says what he wants to, when he wants to.

They like his confidence in his opinions and his strong style. His recovery from COVID-19 is viewed as having strength in lieu of a lack of leadership. His refusal to mask-up shows his grittiness. His debate interruptions are an indication of a man who won’t take anything from anyone.

In Phoenix, a group of roughly 100 Hispanics gathered in a room to listen to Henry Cejudo, a local boy “done good.” Cejudo is the son of Mexican immigrants who became an Olympic gold medalist in the area of martial arts. Cejudo is a Republican and a Trump supporter.

“I’ve been the biggest fan of him,” Cejudo said. “We need a businessman, we need somebody like this to run our country.”

Sporting red MAGA hats and holding signs saying “Latinos for Trump,” they cheered Cejudo on, but he was simply the warm-up speaker for the real guest of the night, Eric Trump.

Trump took the stage by expressing how this election is more of a battle between right and wrong. “They are trying to cancel our voice, guys,” he said.

Roughly 30% of the Hispanic/Latino population supports President Trump. Given the president’s hardline approach to immigration, this may be confusing to some people, but it should not be.

Firstly, the president enjoys widespread support from Cuban and Venezuelan exiles, mostly residing in South Florida, who fully understand and appreciate Trump’s stance against communism. They’ve lived it and they don’t want to again.

Oddly enough though, what sends shock waves of fear through the Biden campaign are American-born Hispanics, particularly under the age of 45, who have no faith or trust in sleepy Joe. They don’t view him as a man of his word, which in their circles, means everything.

Marine veteran Paul Ollarsaba Jr., 41, expressed how he voted Republican for the first time in 2016, all due to Donald Trump’s ardent support and commitment to our countries military.

“I am Mexican,” he proudly said. Up until 2016, he said it was a given that Mexicans voted Democrat. When he started throwing his support at Mr. Trump in 2016, his family raked him over the coals. “My parents say: ‘Why are you supporting a racist? You’re Mexican, you have to vote this way. No, it’s my country. It’s fear, people are afraid of saying they support the president.”

One of the men in the room, Edwin Gonzales,31, said “We saw him being a boss. And for him to go down the escalator is basically the same thing — it’s like, ‘Dang, the boss has stepped down and he’s putting himself out there to be the president.’ That’s what’s exciting.”