Homeless in California Poisoned and Then Filmed by Crazy Man

The homeless in California have to deal with Democrats that cannot stand to look at them let alone help them with the most basic of needs. The Democrats would rather turn a blind eye to the people suffering than open up the financial books and provide a way for the poor to get on their feet and start earning wages to better their lives. With all of the nasty treatment they get from the Democrats they should not have to deal with the threat of death by poisoning from a man seeking to make a name for himself

This murderous California man was charged with poisoning eight people that are homeless. The way he did the nasty deed was to lace food with the poison. He would then stand back and record the reactions of the people as they slowly started having reactions to the poison. The victims were told that they were taking part in a “spicy food challenge.” But instead, they were participating in a filmed poisoning. The Attorney’s office stated that William Robert Cable sent several people to the hospital because of the poison he fed to them.

Cable is an example of the sick delusion that people have towards the homeless. The liberals and Democrats hate them so much that they would rather force them to relocate than help them. Cable laced food with oleoresin capsicum, which is a substance that is twice as potent as pepper spray used by police. Once ingested the poison cause sickening reactions to the poison.

These people ingested a chemical that would normally cause breathing issues, seizures, and intense vomiting because of the type of agent that it is. This chemical is usually used by agents needing to control violent people.

Todd Spitzer is the Orange County District Attorney and he stated that “These human beings were preyed upon because they are vulnerable. They were exploited and poisoned as part of a twisted form of entertainment, and their pain was recorded so that it could be relived by their attacker over and over again.”

Cable recorded the poisonings simply so he could watch them and get a laugh out of another humans suffering. The sick demeanor of Cable is beyond human understanding.

The victims were tricked to believe that they were eating food as part of a challenge. They did not know it was poisoned. Other people were bribed to get them to eat the laced meal. Cable premeditated the event and worked it all out before setting off to record his own demise. The videotapes are enough to warrant his conviction. The people affected by this man’s sick adventure all lived in Huntington Beach, California.

Huntington Beach Police Chief is Robert Handy, and he stated that Cable even targeted kids in his sick video making. He went on to say that “The inhumane nature of the crimes combined with targeting a vulnerable population shocks the conscience.” And that is what Cable does not have is a conscience.

Cable is charged with eight counts of poisoning people. He is also charged with injuring an elderly person. All of these crimes are considered felonies. He also faces eight counts of contributing to the delinquency of a child and drinking and driving.

The charges against him will put him away for 19 years and three months once he is convicted. There was also marijuana present while driving which is added to his list of charges.

Cable is the perfect example of the Democratic Party. They come to people acting like they have their best interests in mind, but they are seeking to harm them for their own sick benefit. Cable proved once and for all that hateful people do not care about others. All they care about is their own happiness and entertainment. A lesson that the Democrats know well.

President Trump is the exact opposite of these kinds of people. He tells the truth and only seeks to better the lives of others. The president only has the mission of making America great again at the heart of his presidency.