Honest Abe is a Goner–BLM Needs to Hand Over All of Their $5 Bills

It’s as if the entire country has forgotten history. First, the Confederate leaders are out because the North won.

Remembering the Confederates is wrong because they owned slaves. Abraham Lincoln was the one responsible for the Emancipation Proclamation…the one that set slaves free.

Apparently, though, he’s part of the cancel culture.

The Boston Arts Commission has voted to remove the Honest Abe statue after activists demanded that it be removed.

The historic memorial shows Abe standing with one arm over a freed slave. The broken chains on the man’s wrists show how the chains of slavery have been broken and “emancipation” is imprinted on the base of the statue.

Most of the statue was even funded by former slaves.

So…what’s the problem?

The Democratic Mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh, says, “After engaging in a public process, it’s clear that residents and visitors to Boston have been uncomfortable with this statue, and its reductive representation of the Black man’s role in the abolitionist movement. I fully support the Boston Art Commission’s decision for removal and thank them for their work.”

If former slaves, the ones that were actually impacted by slavery didn’t have a problem with the statue – and were actually responsible for paying for it – who are we to say anything?

Apparently, the historical statue is seen as racist, even though it’s one of the least racist things that we have in our country.

Protesters with the Black Lives Matter protesters have also promised to pull down the Emancipation Memorial found in Washington, DC, too. As of right now, though, it is still standing as of right now.

The statue in Boston is a replica of the one in DC. It’s been standing strong for over 100 years. Now, it’s being removed because of people not understanding history. It cannot be racist. It’s the very statue to prove that racism no longer exists. We cannot erase history. We must remember this to avoid ever going back to that point.

Tony Bullock, a resident from Dorchester, MA, was the one to start the petition for the statue to be removed. The petition has received over 9,000 signatures.

According to the US Census, Boston has a population of over 690,000. But we live in a world where the loudest few make the decisions for everyone. Would it change things if another petition were formed to keep the statue? One with 90,000 signatures? Probably not. According to the mayor, they were already considering having the statue removed.

Honest Abe has gone down in history for being one of the best presidents our country has ever had. He dealt with the United States during the Civil War. He ended slavery and brought the divided country back together.

If we cannot celebrate Abraham Lincoln with a few statues around the country, who can we celebrate?

As various BLM protesters decide that we need to get rid of Abe and other important figures in US history, there’s a big problem. If we as a country want to get rid of Abraham Lincoln, we have to do more than just knock down a few statues. He’s also on our money – in the form of both the penny and the $5 bill.

What’s next, really? If we’re willing to get rid of a statue that demonstrates the end of slavery that was paid for by slaves, it’s only a matter of time before we’re not allowed to use our $5 bills.

Let’s look in the wallets of every BLM protester to find out if they’re carrying Abe with them. It’s highly likely that they’ve got a racist in their pocket, by their logic.

When are we supposed to fight back? How much US history does the cancel culture have to get rid of before we speak up?

The Abe statue is just the beginning, and it’s all to make a few people happy because they’re ignorant to understand the cultural significance.

The petition reads, “If he’s free why is he still on his knees?” Apparently, the author of the petition has never heard of someone falling to their knees in gratitude.