Honk! The Latest Glitch for a Joe Biden Virtual Speech

Former Vice President Joe Biden, who has been hiding in his basement for what seems to be almost forever, has been doing remote interviews and speeches to various venues. A recent speech to a group of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders did not go very well according to Fox News.

“Former Vice President Joe Biden faced a number of distracting interruptions Monday during a virtual speech: honking geese, chirping birds, a ringing iPhone and what was assumed to be a Secret Service agent standing in the background of his shot. Nevertheless, Biden virtually addressed the Asian American and Pacific Islander

s (AAPI) Victory Fund to knock President Trump’s virus response and accuse him of fanning flames of hate, fear and xenophobia against Asian-Americans amid the coronavirus pandemic.”

The geese, as it turns out, were congregating by a pond at the other end of the Biden estate. Biden tried to make a little joke about the geese, claiming that they were “cheering” him, sort of like a human crowd might do if it was inclined to ovate anything that the former vice president had to say. The joke, like much else that comes out of Biden’s mouth, fell flat.

Biden, who has been obliged to leave off the usual campaign of rallies and rubber chicken dinners because of the coronavirus pandemic, has had many of his virtual appearances marred by technical glitches and what can charitably be called “senior moments” on the part of the candidate. He has the disadvantage of going up against a president who is the master of the visual medium.

In the same speech, according to the New York Post, Biden tried to learn at the feet of the master by devising a nickname President Trump.

“Biden revealed the nickname Monday while speaking to the Asian American and Pacific Islanders Victory Fund, remarking, Trump is out there tweeting again this morning. I call him ‘President Tweety.’”

Biden went on to suggest that President Trump should do other things than tweet, like overseeing the campaign to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. The attempt at humor backfired for a couple of reasons.

First, Twitter is a medium for which Trump uses to communicate, one of the jobs of a public servant. Mind, many of the president’s tweets are designed to provoke his enemies, especially in the media. His superpower has always been to make people who dislike him behave even worse than he is said to do.

Second, for many people, “Tweety” brought to mind the cartoon character “Tweety Bird,” who was always getting the better of Sylvester the Cat. Biden forgot the first rule of insulting nicknames in that they really should insult. Trump is a master of the art.

“Trump, a frequent poster on the social media platform, has referred to Biden as Sleepy Joe throughout the 2020 campaign. The commander-in-chief became known during the 2016 presidential election for his political nicknames, including Crooked Hillary Clinton, Lyin’ Ted Cruz, and Little Marco Rubio.”

Some people have taken to calling Biden “Creepy Joe” for his habit of putting his hands on women and girls and his fetish of hair sniffing. What Biden is being called because of the Tara Reade accusations cannot be repeated here.

The question that arises is when will Biden be able to emerge from his basement and start to conventionally campaign again? Will he be able to, the coronavirus pandemic permitting. Even the most optimistic estimates suggest that a vaccine will not be widely available until the end of the year.

The Democratic Party has all but decided that their national convention is going to be virtual, the first in history. Biden will still be in his basement while the various delegates log in to watch speeches.

The virtual convention will lack the drama and ambiance of real ones. No floor demonstrations will be possible. No angry exchanges between people on the dais and people on the floor will occur. Not even if Biden fails to get the majority on the first ballot will much drama happen. The party bigwigs will do their arm twisting by telephone.

However, drama may happen in a way that Biden and the Democrats do not like. The potential for glitches and other problems with a virtual convention is almost without limit. The comedy potential, at least, will be there.