Hourly Employees Suffer Major Loss as They Fill Up for the Week

Lisa F. Young / shutterstock.com

The American driver is suffering under the hand of a liberal tyrant that wants to set himself up as an evil dictator. Joe Biden claims that he wants to help the standard of living for all people but continues to help inflation rise and the price at the pump to soar. The betrayal by Biden is more than most people can take. Those paid minimum wages must work an entire day to pay for one gas tank.

There are a lot of places where the price of gas has soared well beyond the minimum wage level of pay. The places in question are all located in the socialist-run state of California. CBS News reported that “On average, California drivers are paying more for gas than drivers in any other state — an average of $6.15 gallon, according to AAA. The reason is partly due to higher taxes to pay for infrastructure and other costs, but there’s also something that economist Severin Borenstein of the University of California, Berkeley, calls a ‘mystery gasoline surcharge,’ or a price gap that can’t entirely be explained by fees or other factors.”

CBS pointed out that Severin Borenstein revealed that the state charges extra for gas. And there is not a person alive that can explain why the extra charge exists. The high taxes and Gavin Newsom’s mystery charges keep people pinned down under a massive financial burden. The Democrats running the state have systematically destroyed the greatness that once existed there.

CBS also reported that “It’s a painful threshold that prices at the pump have reached at nine stations — all in California, according to GasBuddy’s Patrick De Haan, an expert on oil and gas prices. Granted, the minimum wage in California is far above the federal minimum wage, with workers in the state earning at least $14 an hour, but paying $7.25 a gallon or more still takes a chunk out of the typical paycheck.”

Biden’s high prices are damaging the country. People cannot fill up their tanks and afford to put food on the table. It breaks people and forces them to make concessions with things that would typically not be an issue.

The gas price will go up until Joe Biden is made a lame-duck president. He cannot seem to let American energy producers drill for domestic oil to combat the higher prices. The old man thinks that drilling for oil will somehow bring about the destruction of the planet.

Minimum wage earners have it the worst at the pump. They stand there and watch as the first eight hours of their weekly paycheck go towards their gas bill. The cost of filling up a vehicle was just half of what it was today when Donald Trump was president. He made America great by letting domestic energy producers drill oil until their tanks were full.

Experts continue to agree that the price of gas will continue to rise and will continue to hurt minimum wage earners. Joe Biden has already turned his back on the people, so their cries will unanswered.

The illegitimate president allowed the supply of oil to drop when demand was rising. The gas price will continue to rise until the supply exceeds the demand.

Biden may blame the war Russia is raging against Ukraine. He may even blame Donald Trump for the hurt being levied on minimum wage workers. But when the truth is told, the high prices exist because Biden will not encourage people to work, he will not fix the supply chain issues, and he refuses to let energy companies drill for new oil.

The president does not care about the American worker. He is more concerned with making a name for himself and turning the country into a socialist state.

The midterm elections will be the defining factor of where America will end up. The people have already shown that they do not like where the Democrats are headed. Those who refuse to listen to the people are being voted out of office at an alarming rate. And they are being replaced with people that care about the worker earning minimum wage.